Makeshift Cot

Now with my crawling speed picking up and my tendency to try to hoist myself up stand, it has become almost imperative that all mattresses, cots, beds, etc. that I ‘m put in must be immediately barricaded like I’m some sort of wild animal.

Here is an example of our guest room bed being barricaded into a makeshift cot for my Sunday afternoon nap.

What next? Six sides of steel?!!!


Whenever I crawl and get tired, I will tend to pause for a while, support myself with one of my arms, and scan the surroundings for things to grab or put into my mouth. This act of resting has caught much attention. I wasn’t sure why at first.

I actually thought my pose was original until many people started to comment that my pose was similar to a lady called Cleopatra. I heard that she too has many people tending to her, feeding her, cleaning her, etc.

Hmmm. Maybe this pose does have its benefits! :-D

Football Foto Friday

Here’s proof that Papa is training me up from young to be the next football superstar…see determined and focussed I am in training...hee!

Cap’n Collin

Papa and Mama always has a cap for me packed in my travel bag in case it gets cold but so far, I have not worn it. Maybe my hair is sufficient to keep me brain warm. Hee!

Anyway, the other day, Papa and Mama just wanted to see how cute I will look with my cap, so here I am, posing with Papa with my cap on, for the very first time!

Back Where I All Started

Two weekends ago, my memories of my introduction to the world was re-lived when Papa and Mama took me back to Hospital Pantai Indah. But it was no social visit though, mind you.

You see, Ah Por suspected that I may be tongue-tied - some occurence that may have risk of the child not being able to pronounce words properly when they're older. She said the 'W' shape of my tongue is an indication. Papa and Mama got another confirmation during my last visit to my doc, who in turn referred an ENT specialist to check.

So there I was, back in the Hospital where I was born. In the end, the ENT Doc confirmed that I was in fact tongue tied, and advised for a minor surgery to be performed to 'release' it. Doc also said besides the W indicator, most tongue-tied babies also tend to have more saliva because of iniability to control some gland thingy....ahhh...that might explain why it seemed that I was already starting to teeth at 2 months!

I counted that the doc only ENTertained us for no more than 10 minutes, and the bill came up to about RM125! Must be good becoming an ENTertainment doctor I guess. *jots down in career of choice notebook*

Stay tuned for updates as Papa and Mama needs to plan when best to bring me in for the tongue releasing session.

Will I be more talkative then?
Will I be able to taste more things then?
I can't wait to find out too!

Mystery of the Shrinking Towels

I have noticed lately that my bath towels have started to shrink. Sometimes to the extent that two towels may be used to dry me up after my bath. Seems like a real mystery to me. I’m quite sure I only put them into my mouth but I still don’t have enough teeth to eat them! Anyway, I hope Papa and Mama is also noticing this mysterious occurrence.

Not sure if they are connected, but I also noticed some of my clothes are also starting to shrink as well. Hmmmm…

Spoon Tasting

With my set of fangs, erm..teeth starting to grow, I think it is only fair for me to train them up so that they are prepared for harsher meals ahead. Heh.

So, apart from the softie teethers, towels, hankies, diapers, Papa, Mama, etc. and anything else that I can get my hands on, I have also started on my own form of solids, ie. toy keys, toy piano, etc.

And since I will be using spoons in the future, I have also started training feeding on spoons too. Hey, I believe you need to taste if something is OK before you use it right? Hee!

Family Foto Friday!

Commando Crawler

I can now crawl quite fast already, with a crawl-speed of about 10cm/s (without poop-assist, of course). This has prompted Papa and Mama to keep a close watch on me almost at all times! One blink of an eye, and I could have crawled from one end of the mattress to the other..hee!

I guess that’s where they came up with the term ‘Commando Crawl..’

Mirror Mirror

I am rather fascinated by this shiny reflective object called the mirror. Everytime Papa or Mama carries me to look into the mirror, I will see double of everything! This nifty object can produce another of me, Papa or Mama!

It’s no wonder every mirror experience always makes me smile a lot! Hmmm….hope this will not grow into something vainish in the future…:-p

Remotely Controlled

My fascination for the remote control spurs my determination and uncontrollable urge to reach for it, no matter how remote it may be. This video is testimony to that.

A future teevee addict, perhaps?...

Fountain of Goodness

With more and more saliva coming out from my mouth these days, I have started to develop a liking for blowing bubbles. It may seem rude at times, but hey, I’m just enjoying myself!

There happened one day during my feeding sessions where I cheekily kept some of Mama’s goodness in my mouth without swallowing them. Then I waited, and waited, and waited. When the bottle was pulled away from my mouth, I opened wide and with my controlled talent, gave a steady blow that created a fountain of goodness…

Ahhh…now who says babies dunno anything about art? Hee!

Teether Theatre

With my teeth starting to develop already, I keep finding these teethers fed to me like some Happy Meal. They come in various shapes and colours I’m surprised they don’t have some of them coming in steak-flavoured or music embedded?!!

And what about those teethers that are recommended to be chilled first before giving it to babies? I guess that’s how toddlers quickly develop a liking for ice-cream, eh? J

Beijing Bounty

My other uncle (Mama’s younger brother) goes to China quite often. So it was no surprise one fine day when he dropped in after one of his trips with a Beijing Olympic soft toy for me!

Thanks Ku Deh Wee! Yay! Another item to fit into my mouth! Hee!

Starting Blocks

After my now-instinctive rollovers, I will set myself up in a position as if getting ready to sprint off the blocks for a sprint dash. Well, with my current speed of about 3cm/s, I don’t think I will be able to improve myself in time to be a contender for even the next Olympics. Still need to work on getting those extra centimeters off the starting blocks, I reckon. :-D

Watch out Uncle Bolt….I should be able to catch you soon enough!....:-D

Moving Forward and Backwards

Have discovered another strange phenomenon in my sleeping habits. Before I drift off to sleep, I will usually worm my way forward, for a short distance. Once in baby dreamland, on occasions, I can also worm my way, but in reverse gear.

Still can’t explain it for now. Yet another case to be kept in my X-Files…

Me and Mama Monday!

Funny Face Friday!

Drowsy Influence

I think I may have developed alcohol-like powers too. Whenever someone tries to pat me to sleep on a bed or mattresses, it isn’t long before they too fall under my sleepy spell…muahahahaha….

Sigh…guess this is another power which requires my great responsibility..:-P

More Football Fortunes for Papa!

Yay! I continue to bring football fortunes to Papa’s team this year. In this wonderful year where I was born, his teams have already brought home so many trophies and cups I couldn’t care less about.

So, here comes along the Olympics and his favourite Argentina team walked away with the Gold Medal, beating Nigeria 1-0. I heard that Messi was the star throughout the entire Olympics.

Wait-a-minute! Isn’t Messi the name of one of our dogs?!!!

First Class Sits

I seem to be one impatient little fellow. For example, I am already working on my standing before I can even sit or crawl properly! So whenever Papa and Mama sees the opportunity, they will indirectly try to encourage me to learn my sitting stance first (or should it be sittance….hee!).

This can be quite tough as I can hardly sit, let alone sit still! So I guess this would be another item to be filed under ‘Challenges for Parents’ folder.
Here's a pic of me on my first class seat on Mama's lap. Hee!

New Found Fangs

My fangs have sprouted. Hee! Yes, those white stuff aka teeth that adults use to enjoy those wedding dinners and buffet spreads is finally becoming more and more visible in my mouth.

Wonder how long I still need to warm up on those tasteless teethers and sink my fangs into something more juicy. Mmmmmm. I guess the phase of growing teeth is one where babies develop patience. :-D
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