Pose of the Day!

My Tiger Bank

Papa has opened a bank account for me!! Yippie! Not sure what that means yet, but it must be something good, right?

I even have my own Tiger coin box at home now. But it seems that Papa is the one who is more fascinated about feeding Mr. Tiger with coins. Must be something about the sound of tinkering coins. Hmmm.

Laid Low and Stitched

Whew! Am really glad that the ordeal is over. I would consider the operation last weekend as a major milestone of my growing up phase. Imagine having to fast from food of all sorts about 4-5 hours prior to the operation; having to wake up so early in the morning in order to reach the hospital by 7.30am.

Upon registration, I was dressed up in an adult operatee apparel (see! I knew people my age seldom go for ops!) and wheeled in this ultra cool four sides of steel cage to the operation floor.

The nurses were quite shocked to see such a happy smiley face going into an operation. Papa and Mama told me to be strong that day, so I cannot fail them. Hee! My ENTertainment doc was surprisingly not there yet. Sometime after 8.30am, he finally came to start the procedure by giving me some kinds of gas that made me pass out. When I came to, the operation was already over! Didn’t feel any pain at all at that time (thanks Mr Gas) but it only kicked in sometime later that night.

Check out those spidey web-shooters on my left wrist....hee!

The operation was pretty fast too – no more than 30 minutes, including the waiting time. By 9.15am thereabouts, I was already reunited with Papa and Mama again, who carried me back to my ward where I rested for the next few hours for observation. My mouth area did feel some numbness though…

my ward number...2253...specially for any readers who feel lucky....hee hee...

Anyhow, I had a four-bedded ward all to myself! It was a pretty cool ward with FOUR teevees hanging from the ceiling! Now if I could convince Papa to hang a few more likewise back home…My doc came to check on me slightly after noon and said should be OK for me to go home. He did warn that drinking Mama’s goodness may be a challenge for the next few days. Also, my stitches should come off by itself or disappear together with my acidic saliva (hee!) within the next few days.

By 3.30pm, we left for home, with memories of this scary adventure of my first (and hopefully last!) ever operation. I overheard that the total cost involved is even higher than the cost incurred to deliver me from the same hospital!

Back to my playful self!

Guess it isn’t easy to raise me up huh? Thank you Papa and Mama for bringing me through this. Hopefully now with my tongue released, I can look forward to becoming more of a chatterbox in the future…'s finally over! :-D

Taxing Walker Danger

I have a new toy to play with at Mrs D’s house. You see, Sis Angie (one of the other two girls with me under Mrs D’s care) has no more need for this baby walker so I get to play with it all day long now. Wee!

Initially, I was only able to move in reverse gear…but now, after weeks of stick shift practices, I think I am ready for any Nascar walker races, if any. Hee! Dunno why people still see me as a hallway hazard...

Simple little gadget, but it sure helps in preventing me from falling again and again. Quite embarrassing to fall down at a regular rate in front of so many ladies ya know? Shhhhh…:-p

Tongue-Tied No More!

My operation last Saturday was a success. Thanks for all your prayers!! Ever since the day I found out that I had to go for this operation, I have been restless almost every night.

During the operation, it didn't hurt as much as I thought. My ENTertainment doc had his own way of kocking me out whilst he worked on my tongue. Felt like some kind of gas, but I became too sleepy to find out what.

Anyway, it was the pain after the op that I'm still trying to deal with. Currently resting and recovering at home with Papa and Mama.

All in all, am tryly thankful and relieved that it is over. Can't wait to fully recover and 'unleash' my freed tongue now. Hee!

Funny Face Friday!

My Favourite Bolster

Whenever I have difficulties sleeping at night, I would reach out to see if there is anything that I can grip, erm, hug or snuggle with. Most of the time I would find my favourite bolster to my right, which would immediately help me calm down to sleep.

I wonder if any adults also have a favourite bolster too?

Won't You Say A Prayer For Me?

Yup. This is an honest plea for everyone to pray for me.

This coming Saturday (25 Oct 2008), Papa and Mama is taking me to the hospital for a minor operation to 'release my tongue'. Heck, I have not even collected 12 moons yet and now have to go for an operation...sigh.

I have never been so afraid before. Even Papa and Mama's anxious looks have me more restless. They even took extra leave from work to help me in the recovery period. :-D

So, I would truly appreciate all the prayers for me yah...:-)

"Lord, please make this operation as painless as possible...grant me strength and courage this coming Saturday, and make me feel better fast fast after that. Grant Papa and Mama peace of mind as I know it is hard on them as well. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen. "


This is a stunt which I think I’m not supposed to be doing but after watching those gymnasts in action in the Olympics, I feel the urge to try it.

By using my head to push downwards, I can lift my bum upwards to a position that looks like a human bridge. I believe I am already halfway to a headstand, which may also eventually lead to a front roll-over.

Papa and Mama seem to think it is too risky so whenever I do it, I try to keep my grunting noises down. Shhhhhh….:-p


I think I may be getting better at this big word called ‘multi-tasking’. See, the other day during one of my feeding sessions, I managed to accomplish feeding, burping and pooping all at once, whilst I watched the teevee with full focus.

Now I wonder what else I can add on to multi-task at another level?

Smile of the Day!

Hand Foot Mouth Exercise

I am really excited about today’s blog entry. This shall be one of my modules for my work-in-progress Exercise for Babies sets and I’m happy to share it with all!

Objectives: Works on flexibility of limbs to ensure blood circulation is working efficiently; also helps you watch your weight (serious!)

Duration: 5 minutes per set; No more than 10 sets per day

Step 1: Lie comfortably on your back on your favourite exercise mattress facing upwards.
Step 2: Lift up left foot whilst extending left hand to hold left foot
Step 3: Hold for about 1 minute
Step 4: When you’re ready, use left hand (that is holding left foot) to bring the left foot to the mouth (see I wasn’t kidding about this exercise helping you to watch your weight)
Step 5: Hold for 1 minute
Step 6: Release and pause/rest for 1 minute
Step 7: Repeat Steps 2 to 6 for right foot

Isn’t this wonderful? Yet, somehow, I have a feeling I might need to rename this exercise set… hmmm

Porridge Preliminaries

I have started to further evolve my feeding stuff. It has been a few weeks since I was introduced to porridge. Mama even got a mini slow cooker to prepare this for me. I’ve seen some of the sliced pumpkin and carrots that are being thrown inside.

I must say it isn’t as sweet or crunchy as the cereals, but I think I can grow to like it – as soon as more yummy stuff are thrown inside, like meat, you know…

Sigh, I guess I shall continue to be patient. :-)


With my growth and passion for using rails to help me stand, Papa and Mama decided that my current cots are not safe for me anymore. My people’s eyebrows lighted up in anticipation that they will replace my crib with my dream water bed!

But alas! All they did was just to make some adjustments to my cot and playpens and now I get to still be inside, on the bottom deck of the pen. Hey, isn’t pen short for prison or something? Hmmm.

Anyway, this would be an interesting new challenge for me to escape from this pen. Maybe TV producers should think of making a series about a man who breaks out of prison. Quite sure it’ll be a hit. Meanwhile, I need some time to assess my situation here first….:-D

Useful Bibs

Lately, Papa and Mama has been putting this small piece of cloth called ‘bib’ around my neck. Since I’m drooling so much more these days, this bib really does help prevent my shirts from being soaked and drenched with my drools.

It’s also pretty useful when I’m fed cereals, where the entire feeding scene can get pretty messy. Hehe.

Yet another simple but great invention for us babies. :-D

Wink of the Day!


Here is more proof of Papa's tough football training regime at my very tender age...

Hello Bro Anthony!

Had my first up close encounter with 'koko' Anthony in church. Anthony is Uncle Jeff's son who just passed the one-year mark last September. I had just woken up at that time and was shocked as I was surprised to see Anthony's flaping arms coming towards me! What a warm and welcoming brother he is! Hee hee. Either that or he was trying to strangle me....:-p

Anyway, here are some pix of our first contact. Looking forward to future wrestling and strangling together!

Warm welcome from bro Anthony!

Anthony with Uncle Jeff and family

Bro Anthony about to give me a hair wash...hee!

Top Corner

I seem to have this amazing ability to locate the top corner (or any corner for that matter actually) everytime I am placed on a mattress or inside the cot.

Maybe my motor skills and co-ordination isn’t too advanced to navigate where I want to go yet. However, I would like to believe that I am destined to be a top pro football player who can always find the top corner! Hee!

On the other hand, it also looks like me doing my best impression of a vacuum cleaner….yikes!

Morning Choruses

I guess there is just something about waking up to another fresh, beautiful and bright morning that makes me wanna make chirpy sounds that some adults call ‘singing’. Morning is also the same time I can be found to be happiest and smiliest.

However, I don’t think many adults are like me though. Mornings are when most adults are at their grumpiest and crankiest. Perhaps it is something I will develop as I age.

So I think I better enjoy these mornings whilst I can! Gasp!

Smile of the Day!

Gangster Grip

I have already developed yet another set of offensive weaponry to my arsenal. My Gangster Grip has grown stronger and stronger each day.

It has been known to cause pain to cheeks, arms, legs, nose, ears, or just about anything that can fit inside this fearsome grip. You have been warned…hehehehe…

My Fearsome Flapping Forearm

Lemme introduce my latest kungfu animated action weapon - my fearsome flapping forearm!

Yes, with great dexterity and determination, my right arm is able to flap forward at great speeds, which can cause pain if not careful . Hee!

Hmmm...I wonder what will happen when my left arm can do the same? Will I be able to fly then? Gasp!
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