Pose of the Day!


Riddle of the Day

Why do doctors wear surgical masks?

Answer: So that we would not know their true identities when they give us those painful jabs!

Ouch! Got another jab last weekend for that newma-whatever. Hope that’s the end of it. Really hate those needles.

Anyway, also managed to get a quick update on my growth progress, as of 28 Oct 09:

Height: 86 cm, Weight: 12.5kg,

Teeth: 16 ( I think…not really good with numbers yet..)

Little Bully

This is just a little black mark in this stellar phase of my life. Mrs D has caught me a few times bullying Angie, who is about 2 years older than me. Some of my bullying tactics include taking away her pillow when she is asleep; or pulling away her milk bottle when she is feeding…

In addition, I’ve also been caught in the act of beating other people (affectionately I may add..) or even spitting when things don’t go my way.

Hmmmph. Need to find more discreet ways to bully and not be found out. Hehe. Shhhhhhh.

Caught with hand in bag…or is it bag in hand?

Yet another photo taken by parents that would be used as laughing material or to blackmail me in the future. Sigh.

Hey, I can’t help it if I can carry a ladies handbag so well!

Phone Fun

One of my favourite play toys is this item called the phone. This small little gadget must be pretty important to adults as I have seen almost every adult holding and talking into one. It looks pretty simple to operate too. By pressing some of those numbered buttons on the front, one can then talk into the phone.

When we were in hotel rooms where there were at least two of these phones, it was just so much fun for me to pick up, press and play. Strangely, no one ever responds to my “hello” when I speak into it.

Perhaps I didn’t press enough numbers. Or perhaps it has something to do with some wires attached to it that Papa pulled out earlier. Hmmm...

Me and Mama Friday!

Vege View Up Close

I have a feeling mama is trying to start me from young to like vegetables. Sometimes before she cooks, she will introduce me to some vegetable in raw form. These plants sure are funny because they do look big before they are cooked, and become so much smaller after that.

I guess when I’m really hungry, I shouldn’t be cooking them, eh?

Knob Turner

There was a time when I remembered my little fingers trying to reach up to touch that silver round thing that is found on most doors. Those knobs apparently is the access to open these doors!

Well, time must have been flying by rather quickly because today, I can already put my entire palm around the knob and by mimicking adults, I can now turn the knob and open doors – doors with knobs within my reach, that is, like my house store room door.

Wow…all those time exercising turning my wrists have been rather fruitful! Yay!

Still the Drooler…

I had no idea I can and am still producing bucketfuls of drool! I mean, I noticed my bib changes had begun to decrease so I thought my drool supply was diminishing. Until I saw this photo of me taken when I was sleeping…complete with a napkin or towel strategically placed to soak up my drool and protect the mattress. Sigh.

Little Helper

Regardless of those endless remarks of how mischievous or cheeky or naughty I can be, here I have photographic proof that I can also be very helpful around the house. You will see me helping Papa and Mama to clean up the house after a parish meeting at our home last month.

My reward: Getting to sleep past midnight that night. Hee!

Friendship Friday!

Isaac Noronha and I


There are times when a cry IS a cry.

There are times when a laugh IS a laugh.

And then there are those times when the moment calls for both a cry AND a laugh.

For these times where there is no word to describe, I shall call it a “craugh”.

These are the times that I am neither crying nor laughing.

When adults do not know what to do with me…

When I feel like testing the situation to see how people react…

When I feel like I need some loving or manja-ing…

When I feel like I need another push for that Oscar nomination…

I will craugh…

Fearful Feeder

Being somewhat rebellious by nature, I can be quite difficult to handle sometimes…okok, most of the times!

But more so when I am being fed something new. Like Mama said – the first bite is always the toughest. I will put on my best drama possible after that first bite is put, or rather forced into my mouth. After some dramatic expression and faked tears, I will run away and continue like nothing happened. If the food is good, I will come back for seconds.

Now, that’s what I would call the theatrics of feeding. Hehe.

Kitchen Rat

The house kitchen has become one of my favourite play areas. I mean, who can resist sliding cabinets with goodies inside like cereal tins and chicken essence boxes, drawers that slide and close, and the smell of food? Mmmmm.

I also like crawling around this play area like a kitchen rat, squeezing in and around Mama’s legs, silently opening cabinets, and stealthily taking things from the counter. Hee!

Footballing Frenzy

Papa must be really proud of me now that I have finally started to kick the toy football be bought me many many moons ago. Still don’t quite get the concepts yet, so most of the time when the kicking frustrates me, I would prefer to just pick it up with my hands, throw it and run around.

A future goalie, perhaps? Hee!

Sleepy Face Friday!

Men in Tights

I have this theory that parents sometimes like to take pictures of their children in strange poses or costumes so that they could blackmail them when their kids get older, when necessary.

The photo above must be one of such photos. Mama let me put on her tight stockings and both Papa and Mama had a really good laugh looking at me fiddling around with it.


A Date with the Moon

Last weekend, I went dating...with the moon! Our church small group gathered at Uncle Gary's house before going around with our real fire-lighted up lanterns! Finally get to play with fire! Hee!

I also brought along a safe one (operated by battery with flashing LWD lights) that was given by Kim Nin when I was back in Sitiawan earlier. Apparently this is part of the chinese culture mid-autumn festival where people play with lanterns and stuff themselves with mooncakes. I would think it's also a wonderful time to celebrate moon-collecting business. I am at 19.5 at present. Anyway...

Here are some pics of my first lantern walkabout. Sure was fun!!

Lighting the lanterns!

Koko Abel and Jiejie Tammy getting ready...

At the park with Jiejies Nicole and Caryn...the exercise bench must be more interesting. Hmmm

A real swinging time out together!

I see the light!!

Arrgh!! The lantern is bigger than my head!!

Can't I just roll this lantern ball on the grass?
Going home...

Eh...wait for me!!!

King-sized Cot!

My sleeping adventures just got more exciting. Some nights, Papa and Mama would allow me to sleep on their bed with them. It happens more often when I make more noise when put in my cot. *wink!*

Recently, they moved the single bed next to theirs so now I have my very own king-sized cot! Wee! Imagine the fun of trampling around on a bed! Something I couldn’t do in my cot.

Anyway, I always feel more freedom when I sleep on the bed. No boundaries that makes me feel like being caged up. Nicer and softer mattress to jump and roll around. Now if only they would change it to a water bed…

Human Rock Climber

Just added this addictive activity into my extreme sport hobby portfolio. In adult terms, it is called rock climbing, but since I’m obviously too small to be doing actual rock climbing, I compensate by climbing all over human rocks, namely Mama and Papa.

Hey, I need to get the hang of it early on, OK?

Pose of the Day!

"Life viewed upside down!"

Thief on Trial

The other weekend at the mall, I had my first real drama. Papa followed me into this shop that sells so many videos and CDs. I was really fascinated with all those Korean, Japanese or Chinese (they all look the same to me!) box sets that were displayed but Papa kept putting back all the items I had taken off the rack.

As we moved on other sections, one particular box set caught my eye. I grabbed it from the shelf and held it in my hand for a while. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Papa was looking elsewhere at that moment. With a glee, I sprinted away with the box set. As I reached the exit, alarm sirens sounded and everyone in the shop and surrounding areas trained their eyes on me. I was stunned for a second as Papa caught up with me immediately and hurried me back to return the box set.

As we were leaving the shop, I noticed the girl behind the counter looking at me in a funny way so I thought I would bail myself out by electrocuting her with my cheeky eyes. Obviously she fell for it as she then offered a smile in return as well as a Ben10 tissue pack. Hee!

Whew. It sure pays to have cuteness on your side whilst conducting these thieving stunts!

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