Christmas Decor Memories

Think I'll sign off the year with some pics of Christmas decor at my church. Everything was just so lovely - the lights, the trees, the bells...ahhhh....

Bye-bye 2008...what a great year it was. :-)

Dogged Determination

They were there a second ago. How did they change locations so fast? Hmmm. Have to be more alert and aware of these disappearances. Coincidences they sure are not. But if they think a few disappearing acts can make me lose hope and give up, they must be joking. It is but a minor resistance in my mission.

So I continue scanning. Ahhh…there they are. I knew they couldn’t have been transported far from their initial vectors. I see I have been seriously underestimated. Hhhhmmmph. No bother. A mission remains a mission.

A direct path may seem too obvious. Perhaps a distraction with my vocals and flappings will do the trick. Ahhhh. It is working. I shall then endeavour a longer path to my fulfillment. Subtly. Silently. Stealthily. Almost there. Just need a make a glance back to see if this was a trap. Seemed rather easy the way I got here. But then again, I can be THAT good, after all.

Mission accomplished! My favourite toys retrieved with full satisfaction.


Reflecting on my eating habits of late, I think I could very well be a termite. Three giveaway signs include:

- easily sinks teeth into wooden chairs, tables and cots

- small and almost unnoticeable until my teeth has found wood

- can only destroy or bite from bottom level. Have not found a way to eat upwards yet

Pose of the Day!

All I Want for Christmas....

Scrap Credits
QUICKPAGE "Cedar creek" (Glam & fairy designs) by BOUILLE
Elements from Kit 'Le Noel des Cupines' by Les Cupines Créations
Modified Elegant word art (White Christmas) by Bethany


Love, Collin


I am my biggest fan!

A new growth progress! I am now able to twirl my right hand wrist round and round! So, if I am to remove the baby carrier padding and twirl my right hand via my newfound talent, it will look as if I am fanning myself! Now, THAT’s cool!

Wonder if I can apply this talent to turn up the volume of radio knobs or open any doors or not. Hee!

Quiet Pasar Malam

Experienced my first ever pasar malam a couple of days back, near Belimbing Hills. It was already quite late so I didn't manage see much. Not much crowd also. Ho hum. I think I yawned more often than any sale was made. We walked down the stretch and saw the bored faces of all the sellers, and by teh time we reached the end and walked back teh same way, most of the sellers were already packing up.

To me, it felt like a congested supermarket, without those huge steel strollers. Guess they don't need them here since nobody seems to be buying anything anyway. Mama says there should be a bigger crowd at around dinner time. She might be right though, since when we bought some soya drink from one of the sellers, he was literally scraping the bottom of the barrel!

Hmmmm....hope to come earlier next time so I can see really bustling pasar malam in action.

Football Foto Friday!

Can I Rusk for more?

For a brand that sounds more like a dog’s name, it sure is delicious! Since my teeth came out, I have also been introduced to this one of a kind biscuit – some even have some fruity flavored stuff inside! Not sure if these biscuits are designed to help me to like biscuits when I grow up, or to introduce my teeth to the stickiness of this stuff. Hmmm.

Anyway, I think I’ll enjoy my Rusk a little while more before I progress to my next level of teething toughness…Tusk, perhaps?...

My Teethering Cot

During those teething times of mine, sometimes the appropriate teething just isn’t readily available, so I have to make do with anything my teeth can find! I have noted that one of the most convenient teethers is my very own cot! Soft, plasticky, often with some patch of cloth to absorb my saliva, sure is a welcome substitute!

I also had the luxury of tasting a steel-flavored cot when I was in the hospital to do my operation. Suffice to say I think I’ll attempt steels again after I have more than 20 teeth!

Inspector Gadget

This is another one of those things which I wouldn’t be able to explain. I seem to be most easily attracted to sophisticated gadgets like remote controls, DVD players and handphones. But I think I still need more practice on using it though. So far, I have only managed to turn off the teevee when my teeth sinks onto some red coloured button of the remote control. Haven’t managed to completely play with handphones nor DVD player yet.

Perhaps the attraction is caused by all the gadgety-looking toys they have for babies these days. You know…stuff like the baby monitor; toy phone that doubles as a book; book that plays music; set of keys that rattle, shake and make music; etc.

Boy, it sure is good to a be a baby of this hi-tech generation.:-D

Beach Boy

Two weekends ago was another first contact episode for me. Papa and Mama took me to Port Dickson. Still don’t know why they call it a port when I don’t see any boats at all and all I see are sand….Anyway, my church was having a youth camp there and it was a good opportunity for me to see the beach for the very first time! Wee! (or so I thought)

Personally, it turns out that seeing the big blue (more green, I think) sea and the sand the beaches up close wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. Sure, it was fun seeing so much water and feel the windy beach breeze. Papa even took me to ‘bathe’ in the salty water for a while. But the moving sea, cold waters and noisy crowd didn’t make my first contact with the beach and sea so pleasant.

Ah well, maybe I just need more beach time. J

Family Foto Friday!

Jingle Ball?

Mama brought home this unique looking toy for me one day. A plastic ball that jingles because it has some sort of bells inside, huge enough for my hands to grip, additional game of crawling after the rolling ball, etc. – what more can a baby ask for, eh?

Sad to say, my fearsome forearm and grip combined to crack the ball some time ago. Ah, well….Collin-proof it sure ain’t.

Peace like a Child Sleeping

Somehow, adults like to watch babies when we are sleeping. Not sure if I want to call it freakish or psychotic or lovely, but when I think about it, I guess it’s just the way we sleep eh? There’s just something about the way we sleep that cannot be explained. :-)

Sorta reminds me of a song chorus that goes:

“Where there is faith, there is a voice calling, keep walking You're not alone in this world
Where there is faith, there is a peace like a child sleeping, hope everlasting in Him who is able to bear every burden, to heal every hurt in my heart…
It is a wonderful, powerful place
Where there is faith..”

Ahhhh….lovely lyrics...:-)

Thy Word.... a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Merry Go Round

I always get worried when I fall sick. According to some unwritten Law of the Sick, babies, like myself, have the uncanny ability to spread all their qualities in an instant. This will include spreading of my love, cheerfulness, laughter, smiles, and unfortunately…my germs…

So, whenever m germs are spread, it has become quite common that the Law of the Sick will result in the Merry-Go-Round syndrome – where, I pass my love to Papa who then passes it to Mama, and just when I’m about getting better, I get the love back from Mama!

Hmmm. Life sure is one funny carnival ride. :-D

Funny Face Friday!

Parenting Tip: Cooler Bags

For parents who are also in the business of feeding their babies with Mother’s goodness (mmmmmmm..), I’m sure the time will come where they will be looking for insulated storage bags to move the frozen or chilled yummies around – be it for a shopping day out or a long road trip out-station.

All parents will soon realize that these special insulated bags are NOT very common in the babies section in departmental stores or hypermarkets. This may lead them to look in other baby specialty where these bags are sold – at quite an expensive price I may add. Papa made this discovery of a cheaper alternative which I thought I should share with all parents out there today.

Instead of shopping for such bags in the baby section of departmental stores, may I suggest looking in the automobile or car accessory section where you can look for their cooler bags (bags with also similar silver aluminum insulation or padded stuff used to keep can drinks cold). Here, you can find sizes to store 6, 12 or even 24 cans! Definitely big enough to store lotsa bottles of yummy Mama’s goodness chilled – and at easily a quarter of the price of special insulated bags for the same purpose!

Calm Before the Storm

I hear that that there is a mention of a phenomenon known as the “Calm before a storm”.

Not exactly sure what that means in adult contexts, but I think I can easily associate it to my context. You see, apart from my other hair-raising indicators that I am about to poop, another very certain sign is my ‘calm before the storm’, or rather my ‘silence before the bomb’…

So when I suddenly become all quiet and start to stare blankly, be warned that the storm is gathering…

Diaper Dressage

During these early months, Papa and Mama have been putting on all sorts of diapers on my bum. Makes me feel like a diaper model sometimes…hee hee..;-P

Let me count…hmmm….so far, I have paraded brands like Mamy Poko, Drypers, Pureen Dry5, Huggies, Fitti, Diapex, Babysoft, Babylike and Pampers. Looking at these brands, don’t you think they all sound quite cheesy? I mean c’mon…can’t these diaper makers be anymore original?

Since I had some free time to think today, I came up with a list of possible brand names to help the diaper industry who may be looking for that next killer brand name. The names that I came up with:

- Poopers
- Weepers
- Snuggies
- Flowy
- ChangeMe
- Absorbies
- Dampers
- Fried & Dried
- Wrappies
- Weelief

Hmmm…coming up with that list makes me wanna go wee wee now…;-p And also cross off diapers marketer from my careers of choice list.

What other names can you think of?

Gimme Cartoons!

Finally Papa has called Astro to include the cartoon package into our subscription! Wee! Not sure if they were pressure to do so knowing how I spend my afternoons in Mrs D’s house watching these channels. Hee!

I’ll fill in details on my favourite shows later….erm, maybe after I manage to get Papa to switch from the his Teen Titans and Fantastic Four! Hmmmph!!!...

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