In and Out

I have always been a firm believer that what goes up, must come down. Similarly, what goes in, must also come out, right?

One day, something went against this everyday logic. What happened was that the activity of going IN and coming OUT happened at the same time!

I shall not go into details on this but instead leave it to your imagination. Let’s just say I needed to be fed almost immediately after the clean-up. Hee!

Shoulder Pads

At first I thought Papa and Mama had strange fashion sense. You see, whenever I am carried on their shoulders, they would have either a piece of hanky or a napkin strategically placed on their shoulder where my head would be placed.

As the volume of my drool is increasing to bucketloads these days, it is no surprise that the piece of cloth over their shoulders is soaked wet pretty fast.

Having seen the logic of the situation, I think I now understand why shoulder pads remains an indispensable accessory of clothing fashion…

Hanky Panky

With my hand grip getting stronger and stronger each day, it has become yet another challenge when it comes to feeding time. You see, everytime I am positioned for feeding, a small hanky will be folded and placed below my neck. Besides me look like a cute cowboy, the hanky also helps prevent any spillage of Mama’s goodness on my body.

Being an inquisitive baby coupled with the fact that I am still learning and exploring my hand motor skills, I would almost always grab anything that is within sight and reach. In the case of feeding, I had been grabbing and pulling the hanky away. I would also apply my strongest grip on the hanky as if was going to fly away.

There was once where after my left hand pulled the hanky away, another hanky was quickly folded and placed underneath my neck. Since my other hand was free, it took this other hanky too and pulled it away. So in the end, both my hands had one hanky each whilst I finished my feed with some spillage rolling down all over my neck.

I’m sure everyone was half expecting me to wipe the spillage off my own neck…yeah, right…hee.

What Babies Dream...

Have you ever wondered that since babies sleep so much, they must also dream as much too, right? And if babies dream as much, what can they be possibly dreaming of?

As I drift off to sleep, I may flash a small satisfied smile or grin. It always makes Papa puzzled as to what kind of happy dream I may be having.

It could be any of the following:

1. Swimming in Mama’s goodness….mmmmmm
2. Playing Poopinator video game
3. Having a jacuzzi partee!

Of course, the truth is, I cannot really reveal because it is, and forever shall be a trade secret of our ‘baby’s guild’. Let’s just say it is one of those things we like to leave it to the adults to guess and look bewildered. Hee!

Funny Face Friday!

First Contact: Rice

Collected my moon #5 last week! Wee! Some key milestones that came with it:

1. Being fed rice cereal for the first time. Papa and Mama must be surprised to see me taking it in so easily and happily. :-) Mrs D also fed me some the other day and I wolfed down 1.5 tablespoons full. Mmmmm.... I must have inherited good appetite from Papa and Mama. Hee!

2. Dimension-wise not so significant growths - a little cm here, a little cm there, some kgs here and there. Maybe I will grow heavier once I start eating more solids. hey, where's my steak?!

3. On my five moon day, I went out shopping with Papa and Mama to a place called Ikano. Thought they only sold fish there, but apparently there's lot's more. Anyway, I got my first pair of shoes there! Wee! pics on this. Will definitely take a shot soon.

Neck Flips

Apart from my other set exercise routines of leg lifts, stretches and push-ups, I also do regular neck flips, especially when my face is flat facing the mattress. The neck flips are now more frequent than when I reported earlier.

Previously, I would only slowly flip to the left and right not so many times before I doze off. These days, my neck flips like a book it’s almost as if I was wiping my face dry before I sleep!

A Wedding Dinner to Remember

It was really exciting two weekends ago when I attended my very first wedding dinner!

Mrs D (my babysitter)’s son got married and so I was invited to join in this wonderful celebration which took place at some golf resort in Bukit Jalil. There was a small episode when Papa and Mama brought me to some registration counter outside the wedding dinner hall that night. The lovely girls behind the counter could not seem to find Papa nor Mama’s name there. No names means noentry. No entry means no table. No table means no first wedding dinner for me!! Noooooo…well, before I let out a huge wail of panic, our names were located – under “Parent’s of Collin” (ahem!).

The whole dinner arrangement looked grand and everyone that came looked quite well-dressed for the occasion. Mama also came with her new killer boots! Hee! I also managed to meet ‘Dato and Datin’ Leong, parents to Angie, who is also sat by Mrs D. Noise level was quite loud though. So I kept crying for some quietness..:-p

There was another strange episode midway through the dinner when I was carried outside to calm me down. Two little girls walking past suddenly saw me and recognized me Collin! I felt awkward because I couldn’t recognize them. They looked like some of Mrs D’s neighbours but I’m not sure. Everyone sure looked different after dressing up.:-p

My persistent crying led Papa and Mama to take me home after the 6th course, which looked like some roasted chicken dish. I heard Papa mentioning it seemed like the first time he’s ever left a wedding dinner this early. Well, I am glad I was able to help Papa and Mama achieve a first too. Hee!


Captain Caption Challenge #2

"Ahhh.....this is life..."

Come try your hand in providing a funny caption to my pic above..:-D

Italian Date at the Curve

Yay! I finally got to meet up with Ethan Koko in person! The last time we met was when I was sunbathing under some blue light…so technically, we didn’t meet back then.:-)

Anyway, we met up in the Curve last Saturday and had dinner together in restaurant called Italiannies. As usual, everyone seemed to enjoy these Italian delights except me…sighhh.

Here are some photos that speak for themselves…

ethan koko! I wanna learn how to use the straw too!!

sharing a pose with joyce korkor!

some fetucinni salmon pasta that I can't even taste..:-(

ethan koko showing how to get it done with those huge chopsticks!

wahh..must pick up some more eating habits from ethan koko

posing together with our mamas

was quite sure i could eat this without any teeth...tough luck.

papa found these bones in their salmon pasta...mmmm no good no good..

Runny Nose

Sometimes I feel all the other parts of my body has its own agenda. See, I have not even started to crawl properly when my nose has already begun to run!

Yup, had a bit of a discomfort when those liquids start to roll down my face from my nose. So, Mama has started feeding me some of that sweet medicine syrup for a few days now. Sometimes, she will also put some liquid salt of sorts into my nose to relief my blocked passages.

Sure hope that naughty nose of mine stops running and comes back to me quick. It is quite difficult to breathe, sleep or even feed with a blocked nose. Heck, I can’t even smell my own poop now! ;-(


With my ever improving kicking ability, I realize that if I were to start kicking when my back is flat on the ground and I’m facing upwards, I can actually worm my way as if in reverse gear!

Quite dangerous though as I can’t see where I’m going. Besides, my butt hurts when I do this too. Hee!


Chuck. Must make it a point to catch this series on TV. Not really sure what it is all about but I guess it must really be good because everyone seems to be telling it to me directly to my face. Chuck. Chuck.

Besides, the way they say it can sometimes be hilarious. Chuck! Hee!

Family Foto Friday!

Leg Lifts

Due to my lack of mobility, my exercise regime is vastly limited. Hey, at least I still do exercise, OK?! :-P

One of my favourite sets would be my leg lifts. Whenever I’m on my back and it’s not time to sleep yet, I would lift up my legs, let them down and repeat till I’m satisfied.

I’m sure this exercise set really helps my kicking muscles. Hee!


Strange things happen when we sleep. I can certainly agree to that.

This has happened too often for me to dismiss it as an unusual occurrence. You see, there are times after a good hearty filling of Mama’s goodness, I will doze off to sleep (like most good-mannered babies….ahem!). When I wake up, I usually like to do a little stretch, with my hands stroking and playing near my face and hair areas. This time, I noticed they are GONE!! My claws are gone!!!

There was this one time I tried to protect my claws by gripping my fists tightly when I went to bed. The moment I felt someone try to pry it open, I tried to open my eyes to see how this brutal act was commited. Alas1 I would always remain too sleepy to figure out the truth, but it looked like Papa was fiddling around with yet another gadget – this time a small silver clipper thingy.

Ah well…if declawing is for my own good, then I guess I shall just have to accept that. Maybe when I’m older I will get to protect my claws better and keep my Wolverine dreams alive…:-D

Pure Delight!

Drooling Role Models

Sometimes I wonder and worry if I may have been watching too much football with Papa. You see, I noticed these footballers love to spit their saliva all over the field. Maybe they are trying to make the ground more slippery for their opponents. Heh.

Whatever it is, Mama commented that I have been drooling more and more of late; and whenever I am carried up to ‘stand’, my saliva will run down like nobody’s business.

Am I being influenced by the saliva-grass watering footballers? :-D

Happy Baby

After I poop, I will flash a smile (of satisfaction)
After I drool, I will smile.
Everytime I am carried to stand, I will smile.
After feeding Mama's goodness, I will smile.

Many adults have mentioned that I smile a lot, and have deduced that I must be a really happy baby.

Actually, whenever an adult puts on a baby face, it’s really hilarious. Shhhhh....Hee hee. :-D


My arms are certainly getting stronger. Now as I am positioned turtle back (my default sleeping position), I will initiate my self-pumping exercise (hey, I have to stay in shape too, ok?!) of push-ups. With both arms propped up to support my weight, I will raise my neck and upper body high enough for me to perform a giraffe stretch-like pose.

Not much a view but I believe I am continuing building muscles everyday through this stunt. :-D

A Laughing Matter

Whenever Papa or Mama lifts me up by the arms to make me ‘stand’, it just cracks me up and makes me smile with my mouths wide open. If my mood is good, I may also start making laughing sounds, as in “Heeeee…heeee….heeeee….” or something like that.

My laughter must be contagious too since Papa or Mama will also start to laugh with me. Hee!

Hypno Machine

Found this strange device attached to my crib the other night. Looked funny and freaky at first – well, what would you call heads of a horse, fish, and other animals hanging from a string? Anyway, this supposedly hypnotic machine will emit some soothing lullaby whilst spinning the animal heads round and round and round.

Personally, I don’t think the machine worked on me. Nope. It did confuse me a bit at first though but eventually I found it quite annoying. I guess hypnosis for babies isn’t quite advanced yet, eh?
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