I heard Papa downstairs cheering in the wee hours of this morning. Not sure if I was dreaming or not, but Papa sure seemed extremely happy this morning when I saw him before he left for work.

Found out later that Papa’s Manchester United had just beaten Barcelona to advance to the Champions League final. It’s been like nine years since this club made to this stage of the competition so I guess that explains his happiness.

I hereby dedicate today’s blog to Papa with a headline tribute to the ‘S’ for SUPER performance of Man United. I’m also happy when Papa’s happy. Hee!

“Super Scholes scores a scorching screamer to scarily scrape a sensational scoreline that silenced the Spaniards and secure a spot for a simply sizzling showcase in Moscow next.”

Photo credits: Yahoo (Getty Images)

Mr Skydiver

Mama says I look I’m in a skydiving position sometimes, moments before I go to sleep.

Hmmm….another item to add in my Career of Choice list…;-p

Back in KL!!

I’m finally back in the city where I was born! Hmmmm…the air here sure smells more polluted than in Sitiawan. Ah well….I shall have plenty of time to adjust. ;-D

But more importantly, I’m back HOME!
The home where I will be growing up in.
The home that I will be messing up. (hee!)
The home where I will be with my Papa and Mama.
My family. ;-D

Poopinator Kryptonite

After more than a month of enduring with my poopinating skills, I believe Mama has finally discovered the kryptonite to my Poopinator alter ego.

It took me a while to realize that while the diapers are worn on me in a normal manner during the day, Mama has frequented using reverse diapers on me at night, especially since I enjoy sleeping turtle-back now.

My math skills may still be quite slow so it took a while for me to add up the logic – I don’t poop at night! Especially when I’m asleep! My powers have been compromised…oh no!

Picture of the blog below shows the reverse diapers in action!

Second Moon Growth Update

Mama took me to see the doc today. Yes, the needle trauma was still there, but I think I have become braver. No mean feat to collect two moons you know. Hmmmph.

Anyway, these are my physical updates for those who have been keeping track…

Weight: 5.2kg (I broke the 5K barrier…weee!)
Head: 38.5cm (brain is also growing…..wee!)
Height: 59.5cm (at least I measure longer than my head….hee!)

Good thing they don’t have anything that can measure my naughtiness….heh heh…:-p

Arms Lickin’ Good

I have recently discovered another part of me that tastes good too! My arms!

Well, you know, it all started with the fingers, and then two fingers, three fingers, and then the fist and before you know it, I’m starting to lick my own arms!

More additional hankies for Mama has to use on me now…hee…:-)

Blame it on the dogs, I tell you! ;-p

Two Moons and Counting

Wow…time really does fly. Over the weekend, I have collected my second moon already! Strangely enough, there was no big celebration like when I collected my first moon. Hmmm…still need some time to figure out this irregular adult celebration of moon collection business.

Anyway, I had my own mini and solo celebration by blowing my own bubble balloons. Ho Hum…;-P

Rebel with Duh Fingah…

(warning: provocative 18-SG picture below)

The picture below definitely won’t be accepted by any family-oriented mother and baby/parenting/kiddy magazines, so it had to be posted here.

All adults around me thought the picture was hilarious, especially with my hand gesture. Me, I have no clue what it means.

Anyway, here’s me showing my rebel attitude expression with duh fingah…

The Right Side

When I am sleeping on my side, I will unknowingly turn to my right side of my face. It’s not that there is a better view or that the right side of the cot is more comfy, it’s just how my neck works in coordination with my head and turns my whole self to the right. I guess it’s just one of those things which I cannot or will not even attempt to explain.

I overheard Ah Por saying that I would need to be forcefully turned to my left every now and then or else I might grow up with one side of my face flat and the other side round. Hmmm…that does not sound good, no?

Well, at least for now, I think I have successfully set the right tone for the future – always being on the right side of things…heh. ;-p

Captain Caption Challenge #1

"aiyo...Papa...must you take my photo for EVERYTHING???"
- Captain Caption Joyce Korkor
Captain Caption Challenge:
1. Try to come up with a caption for my pose above.
2. Best Captioner will be deemed Captain Caption of the Day! Whee!

MyKid, No Kidding!

I’m officially a Malaysian citizen! Yay! Papa went to collect my MyKid last week and brought it back to me to have a look. Thought it would be cool to have my picture on it, but anyway, it still looks OK. Maybe the Government thinks all babies look alike so there is no need to put a face to every MyKid. ;-P

Papa and Mama will look after my MyKid (notice the difficulty in making this sentence sound grammatically correct?) for now, or at least till they invent diapers with pockets for me to keep it. ;-P

A Shoulder to Climb On

My sudden amplification of wailing has recently brought me to new height…literally.

Thought I would try my luck the other day by wailing progressively louder whilst being cradled. Eventually, a variety of methods was tried to soothe me and one of it involved carrying me on their shoulders. I stopped crying immediately to admire the view from this higher vantage point. Hmmm…looks pretty good from up here. ;-D

Now I wonder if I should push my luck and see if anyone would want to try putting me on their heads…

Ode to Brownie

It was a very sad and gloomy day here in Sitiawan yesterday when one of Ah Por’s dogs finally passed away and gone to doggie heaven. Brownie had been one faithful dog that has been here for more than 10 years.

I don’t really have a clue what breed Brownie is, but all I know is that with his stocky built, short legs and very furry hair, if there ever was such breeds, I would describe Brownie to be from the ‘cute’ and ‘faithful’ breeds.

Although I only got to know him for about two months, I could really sense that he was definitely a part of this family. This tragic episode brings a tear to my eye knowing that I will not get to spend any time growing up to know Brownie better. *sniff*

Anyhow, in his remembrance, here’s my very simple and final ode to Brownie:

Oh Brownie! Faithful dog extraordinaire!
So cute, so furry, with so much hair!
So faithful, So were always there
Watching over the house with so much care

Your loving service we will always treasure
You are more than a dog, that’s for sure
A part of our family you’ll always be
That’s why we’ll really miss you Brownie…

This special doggie T-shirt I’m wearing is a special tribute to you, Brownie!


Lately I noticed a strange object has been regularly put into my mouth…especially at the time when I’m about to knock off to sleep. It is neither too hard nor too soft but seems to fit snugly in my mouth that it actually soothes me before I close my eyes.

However, I overheard that this ‘secret weapon’ of the adults cannot be used on me all the time…hah! They must be afraid I will adapt myself to it fast enough. ;-D

Drooliholics Anonymous

Hello. My name is Collin and I am a drooliholic.

I hereby admit to my first guiltless drool yesterday. Don’t really know how it happened but suddenly this liquid stuff (adults call it saliva) starts coming out of my mouth and it wasn't Mama’s goodness.

It felt so good that I even played some bubbles with it. Good thing no one caught it on camera…yet..shhhhhhhh .;-p


Since two weeks ago, I have started to suck my thumb, fingers, and sometimes even my entire fist! Adults seem to consider this action as a sign of growth. I also see them do it often especially after eating fried chicken.

Hmmmmm…I don’t know….my baby logic calculates that if it is a sign of growth, and the sign of growth translates into eating fried chicken, erm…it should come down to one question: Where’s my fried chicken?!!

p/s accompanying photo to come soon, hopefully....some technical problems here worrr..

Excuse Me, I’m Not a Chair!

Not feeling too good today. You see, Papa came to see me over the weekend, but when he left for KL on Sunday evening, Mama followed him back too. Missing Papa on weekdays was bad enough…sigh…really feel lonely today.

Apparently Mama went back to KL to settle a few things at the office and also to help look for someone to sit on me…Hmmm…didn’t quite like that last bit. Sure sounds like a painful exercise. I guess that’s why chairs were invented.

Anyway, my gloom should disappear by late evening when Mama finishes her business and takes a bus back here to be with me. ;-D

Through Your Eyes

As I am still in Sitiawan, my poor Papa only manages to visit me over the weekends. So I reckon that he would have plenty of time on his hands over the weekday nights in KL. My guess was proven right when he sneakily composed a song and dedicated it to me, me, me! Yay! And it didn’t end there! Papa also put it all into a video and the end result is my very first short film! Double Yay! Although the video is only about two and a half minutes long, I’m so overjoyed that I decided to share this video with everyone through my blog today. Thank you for the video and song, Papa!

Oh, Papa also told me to mention a special thank you to Uncle Jeff for helping out with the accompanying guitar and recording. So, Uncle Jeff....TQTQTQ! ;-)

Through Your Eyes

Through the tears you cried when you came into this world
As our first baby boy
Through the smile on your face, you melted all our hearts
And filled us up with joy

Though you cannot speak
Though you cannot sing
Though you cannot ask
Or draw for anything…

We see the love of God inside of you
And the trust that you would have for us too
Through your eyes

Through the beat of your heart, we heard the sound of life
A gift from God above
Through the brush of your fingers, we felt that special touch
That endless bond of love


We see it through your eyes
Music, Lyrics & Vocals: Papa
Guitar: Uncle Jeff

Yawn of the Day


Before I doze off for my naps, I noticed the adults like to put this fishing net thingy over my cot or basket. At first I didn’t feel comfortable with it at all. Made me feel like a fish caught in a net or an animal in a caged zoo.

Then I realized it this net actually works in keeping out those irritating flying needles! Whee! Hmmm…gotta give these adults credit sometimes for knowing what’s best for me. ;-D


(warning: my first lame attempt at monologue poetry)

It started with a whimper. I had just woken up.
I stretched. Grunted. Snorted.
Not a good sign.
The whimper turned to a moan. To a cry. To a wail.
I was definitely hollering for a bail.

Footsteps. Ah…it works.
The feed was good. Mmmm. Yummy.
Certainly filled my tummy.
I cried one more time.
For attention.
For a cradle.
It came promptly. These adults sure have quick feet.

I cried again. Sounded like I was in pain.
I was not feeling ill so it had to mean only one thing.
The props came promptly. These adults sure have quick hands.
Snap off. Wipe off.
Snap on. Smile on.

I cried again.
For attention.
For a cradle.
It was time for my nap.
It was time to call it a wrap.
The cradle came eventually.
The rock. The sway. The comfiness.
Very quickly led to sleepiness.
I yawned. Eyes feeling droopy.
The cradle started to move. I could feel it.
But I was too tired to make any sense of it.
Felt sneaky.
Felt sly.
I was soon at the door of the cot.
No knocking required. It was all so inviting.
So perfectly set up for sleeping.

Gently I was laid down.
I let out a moan of contentment. Of satisfaction.
As my eyelids started to cave in, I caught a glimpse.
Yes, I saw it.
The letter V.
Two arms apparently raised in jubilation.
Accompanied with a sigh of achievement.
The letter V. The letter V.
Copyright 2009 Collin's Kennel. All rights reserved.
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