Family Foto Friday!

Rat-in-Action: The Sequel

Follow-up video to my earlier effort of my rat-like habit...

My Year One Report Card

As of four days before 19 Feb 2009:

Height - 74cm
Weight - 8.92kg (doc says i'm still slightly can I gain weight with only porridge...? sighhh...)
Head - 44.5cm (the brain is growing! growing!)

Teeth - 7 (still growing in weird odd numbers..hmmm)

Weapons: Saliva machine gun; occasional explosive poop when necessary, high decibel screams

Movement: I can walk about unassisted already...think it was the night before my first birthday; I also like to go round and round the living room sofa. hee!

Gestures: I have a trigger happy finder that points at almost everything! Also can point my small finger, pointy finger and thumb....some people say it looks like surfer's sign. Me? Internet surfer, maybe...hee!

Motors: I now feed myself with the feeding bottle. Can be quite tiring at times but I like the feeds before I sleep as I wil be gladly 'assisted'...hee.hee...Grip is also pretty strong now, especially when I hold my favourite things like the remote control, electrical wires, phone chargers, story books, etc.

Feeds: Mama's goodness, cereal, porridge, fruits; some splatter of rice, bread and otehr odd stuff the adults eat once a while.

Wagging Tongue

Ever since I had my tongue released, there is some sort of newfound freedom, like an ability to express in ways I never did before, and also to make sounds I never made before. Hee!

One of the newest things I discovered was how my tongue became significantly longer, so now I could stick it out freely, unlike before! Wee!

However, I still can’t stop nor control the flow of my saliva yet. Sigh.

Flea Flee!

Over the recent Chinese New Year, I had a harrowing experience and introduction to the devious cousins of the irritating flying needles – the very menacing bed bugs…

These fleas attacked me on the eve of CNY and cause me great irritation and pain all over the body. There were so many spot marks on my body I couldn’t even recognize myself!

I kept Papa and Mama awake for almost the entire night as they applied all sorts of cream, lotions, sprays, powder, etc. on my body. Felt good and I was able to get some rest thereafter as the bite marks began to subside but I will never forget this painful experience.

Smile of the Day!

DJ Collin!

12 Moons = 1 Yeah!

TODAY, I have finally reached the milestone of collecting 12 moons, which is equivalent to one year! Wee!

Although I achieved this historic moment on 19 Feb 2009, Papa and Mama organised a simple celebration with my Ah Kong, Ah Ma, Ah Kung, Ah Por and other close relatives in Sitiawan on 28 Jan, when everyone was around during CNY.

Here is my birthday blog with some images to tell the story...

My birthday cake. The wordings tell me that Papa and Mama do have a sense of humor. But I ain't lauhging. Hmmmmph.

The bulk of food that the ADULTS will enjoy at the expense of MY birthday. Sighhhh...

The lovely clown-faced jelly that my dear Ah Mai (Mama's younger sister) made for me. Love it!

It was at this celebration that the adults made me play a silly game to determine what kind of person I would be or to see my priorities in the future. Like a lab rat, I was 'released' a few meters from a long table stocked with stuff like a money note, mobile phone, chicken drumstick, red eggs, pen, remote control, magazine, etc.

There were euphoric cries of joy (presumably) as I went straight and picked up the PEN first, indicating I would be quite scholarly when I grow up. Dunno how they came up with that conclusion. Did any of them wonder how easy it was for me to grip the pen compared to the rest of the items? Hmmm.

Striking a pose with my beloved grandmas!

Family photo!

Mama giving me some wind assist...

Feeding and Falling Asleep…

A new talent I have recently discovered is my ability to induce sleep whenever I feel like it. This ability can be quite useful in perilous times, like eating bland porridges. Shhhhh….

During one of those feeding times, when crying, grunting and squirming didn’t work, I immediately turned to my sleeping ability and fell asleep just as a spponful of porridge went into my mouth.

I’m pretty sure this ability will also come in handy in my schooling days ahead. Hee!

Future Wall of Art

Ahhh…..I have found it….this blank canvas which is found all over the house, will surely be my future wall of art. I’m sure Papa and Mama will be proud of my masterpieces which will be displayed on these walls in the very near future….hee!

Mr Conductor

Another career for me to consider in my later stage of life – a music conductor! Yes, with BOTH of my fearless flapping forearm in full-action, I do look graceful in a music-conductor kind of manner.

Now if they’d only give me an orchestra to play with. Hmmmmm.

Friday the 13th Pose of the Day!

Little Drummer Boy

Hmmmm….I wonder what musical instrument I would like to master when I grow up? My first piano tasted good, literally….and when I was in Ipoh, Ah Ma and Ah Kong took out a toy drum for me to play with.

The drumsticks sure tasted better than the piano. Maybe it is because they were made of wood. Hee! Anyway, I had a fun time making sounds from that drum. Maybe, I will grow up to be a drummer. Hmmm… :-D

Mopping Floor

At my young and tender age, I believe I have already started to do my best to do household chores. With my vastly improved crawling, I can now hold a hanky and start to crawl, glide and mop the floor! And with my non-stop saliva wetting the floor at all times, we are a perfect match!

An all-in-one floor detergent and mop. Now who says babies don’t help around the house?! :-D

Leaving my mark…

Beware, with my fou to six teeth now already fully formed and strong, I have become capable of leaving my mark of pain almost everywhere I go. Popular spots include the dinaing chairs, Papa and Mama’s knees, cushions, pillows, remote controls, cloths, etc.

Wonder why nobody is clapping hands whenever I achieved something like that? Hmmm…

To boldly go….

I have already started to venture into territories I have not explored before. Lately my crawls have taken me from the typical tiles of the living area, where the teevee is, to a different set of tiles, which seemed more rough and smaller in size.

After a few rounds of exploration, I have deduced I have discovered the kitchen! Notable giveaway clues include the huge ice box which stores the treasure of Mama’s goodness, place for washing and sterilization of my feeding bottles, location of forks, spoons and knives.

Ahhh….now can’t wait to see where those steps going up near the kitchen border leads to.

My Future's So Bright...

....I gotta wear shades! :-D

Biting me own self…

With my ever-growing teeth, one of the (painful) ways to discovering them is by biting my own fingers. Ouch! Since it can get rather painful with these stapler-like teeth of mine, sometimes I will explore by biting other people that I can hold off.

The sound of their scream will tell me if I have grown more teeth or not. Hee!

Box me silly!

I thought I would be matured enough to escape the kiddy toy boxes but alas! resistance is futile! There is just something about these six-sided toys that make them irresistible to babies.

I wonder if that is the reason why adults have invented many other stuff in these dimensions? You know, like the teevee, the microwave, the icebox….

Radioactive Boy

I wonder if I can get super powers by standing long enough in front of the teevee? Hmmmm…..don’t think I can find out if Papa and Mama keep pulling me away from it.

Sigh….guess I gotta find some other way of getting my super powers…:-)

The Transporter

If all else fails, I think I can also develop a career in furniture moving. No kidding. I have started my infancy training in moving stools and chairs around the house already.

I know it may look like something silly but to the unknown eye, I’m actually slowly but surely building muscles….hee!
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