Family Foto Friday!

Saliva Machine Gunner

Learning to control one’s new found weapons or gifts is never easy. So when I discovered the huge amounts of saliva in my mouth that is just seemingly bursting to come out, it may look like I’m a saliva-toting machine gun. But in actual fact, I’m just learning how to control this gift better.

Who knows, I may need it to save the world one fine day…:-P

Remembering My Hairless Ordeal...

My first hair cut at the end of last year is recalled thru these series of pictures...

Gong Xi Fa Cai !!

Scrap Credits
Quick Page Fall of Colors from Scrap'Anges
Sweet Serenity Alphas from Shabby Princess Designs
Cherry Cheesecake Alphas (Numbers) from A work in progress

Funny Face Friday!

Spoony Dessert

One of the best part of my meal times is having my dessert, that is my feeding spoon. Hee! Although not wooden, it is still something nice for my teeth to bite and for my tongue to play with.

Now if only they will let me have the feeding bowl to bite on as well…

Con Cough

I think I have been found out. Thought I could continue using this sly tactic to reduce food intake that I don’t really like but Mrs D is one smart lady. My baby sitter saw right through me when I tried to use my dramatic pretend coughing motions when being fed with some stuff I don’t really like.

Think I shall only continue to con cough Papa and Mama. As for Mrs D, I shall have to devise other plans. Hey, I do welcome any ideas…hee!

It’s Hammer Time!

Got hold of this hammer-like toy when I was back in Sitiawan at Ah Por and Ah Kung’s house. I wonder what the future holds for me?

Will I be a judge?
Will I be a carpenter?
Will I be Thor?
Will I be an MC?

Till then, it’s now hammer time! Wee!

Strange Sightings: Hanging Gators

Felt it quite weird to see these cute gators being hung upside down in Ikea. It's like they were punished or something. hehe. Ah well...

Caught in the Act!

Happy Birthday Papa!!

I know that you would want this for your birthday this year...

...but since I'm just a baby, I will instead give you one of my irresistible smiles....

Thanks for everything, Papa! I love you!! :-D

Parenting Tip: Old Macdonald – Papa’s Extended Version

Of all the nursery rhymes that have been sung to me, one of my favourites is Old Macdonald – one of the few songs which never fails to calm me down when I’m crying or demanding for attention.

However, since the song isn’t very long by nature, Papa has thrown in a few more animals into the song so that it becomes an extended version that can last for up to about 20 minutes of playtime! I kid you not! Hee!

I would like to share this extended version with everyone today, thinking it may be a helpful song for other parents who may need to sing the song longer than it usual length.

Old Macdonald had a farm


And on his farm he had some dogs


And a here, and a there

Here there , everywhere

Old Macdonald had a farm


Repeat, replacing animal sounds in <…..> appropriately:

Cats – Meow

Cows – Moo

Ducks – Quack

Geese – Cackle

Hens – Cluck

Worms – Squirm

Pigs – Oink

Birds – Chirp

Bees – Buzz

Frogs – Ribid

Flies – Zzzz

Horse – Neigh

Sheep – Baa

Goat – Mek

Snakes – Sssss

Monkeys – Hoo

Donkeys – Heehaw

Rabbits – Hop

Roosters – Cockcrow

Gophers – Dig

Rats – Squeak

Lions – Roar

Rhinos – Gore

More Dogs – Woof, woof woof…

More Cats – Meow, meow meow…



Old Macdonald had a farm


And on his farm he had Collin


And a poop poop here, and a poop poop there

Here poop there poop, everywhere poop poop

Old Macdonald had a farm

And it’s a smelly farm…

Come to think of it, considering the number of animals in the song, we could also replace farm with zoo! Hee!

I’m NO. 1!

I simply cannot control my fingers!! There seems to be a strange tendency for my first finger or the pointing finger to stick out from the rest, indicating a No. 1 sign….or it could also mean a ‘blame someone else’ sign.

Not sure if it is a good thing or not. Hmmmm. Hey, at least I got the right finger to be pointing out right? :-P

Alphabet Floor

Thanks to Uncle Pablo, a portion of my house floor is now laid with alphabet mat paddings, supposedly to encourage me to crawl around more and not hurting myself.

I have tried it numerous times and I must admit, it is rather fun to be crawling around the alphabets. In addition, the letters of the mat can also be dug out from their positions and tastes quite good too.:-)

Smile of the Day!

Burst of Speed

I think I’ll grow up to like playing whatever game that involves running and catching. See, whenever I’m crawling, I would seem to have developed this extra burst of speed mode which I will only execute when I half-realise someone is about to stop my current crawl.

Unfortunately, my burst of speed powers have not reached light-speed yet, so I am still always caught wayyyy before I could sink my teeth into those delicious looking wires and chairs..

Soothe Scratchings

There is just something wonderful about the feeling of being scratched on the top of my head that I simply cannot explain.

When those fingers run through my hair in a smooth motion, rubbing and scratching my head, it just invokes one of those “aaahhh….” Feelings that doesn’t need many words to describe.

I will just easily close my eyes, drift off the world, and enjoy this sensation with pleasure, complete with a satisfied grin on my face. “ahhhhh”.

Won’t you try it today too? :-P

Bib Caper

I found out a really neat trick. From a mild mannered, innocent looking baby, it only takes me a split second (ok, maybe 5 seconds) to move the bib I’m wearing in front, to the back – immediately transforming me into superbaby….

…able to drool all over my superhero costume with no bib-protection!
…able to sleep instantly like a speeding bullet!

Sofa So Good

Another milestone achieved just before Christmas of 2008 was a newly discovered ability to climb up my house sofa! I had been stuck for months at just gliding and cruising along that sofa; and Papa and Mama would conveniently place me desirable objects like the remote controls on the sofa, knowing well it was beyond me reach... well, not any more!

Using my ever growing leg and arm muscles, I am able to push myself up onto the sofa already! Wee! that I have that sofa conquered, I think I can target those steps which lead upstairs already....:-P

Pose of the Day!

All ready to kick & tackle 2009 in style!

New Year, New Hair...

Goodbye 2008....

...and hello 2009!! Had my first haircut on the final day of 2008. Quite a scary experience. Mama held me tightly as the barber kept handling and gripping my head left and right and mowed it all off with some nifty gadget! So here's to a new look me for a new look year 2009!

Hmmm....head feels kind of airy and breezy all of a sudden. :-P
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