Close Eyes Detected

Hey, I can’t help it if my cuteness comes packaged with my closed slit eyes whenever I smile broadly, OK?

Silly new technology in those digital cameras can seemingly detect my closed eyes sometimes during my smiley photo shoots.

Sorry, don’t think I can change the way I smile. Would you prefer an open eyes and closed mouth pose? Don’t think so… :-p

Pose of the Day!

Malaysia Boleh!!

And Baby Makes Thanksgiving!

I read that in USA, they celebrate Thanksgiving on every fourth Thursday of November, which this year falls on 26 Nov 2009. Coincidentally, that date this year also marks a very special occasion in our family and I am honored with the task of blogging about it on behalf of my family! Hee!

On 26 Nov 2009, our family has indeed a long list of items to be thankful for! We're ever thankful to God...

...for the fast and safe delivery of my baby sister
...for keeping Mama safe throughout the entire labor process
...for having Papa to provide support throughout the labor
...for choosing a great timing of delivery where I could be taken care by Mrs D
...and with the next day being a public holiday gives us all more rest!
...for smooth traffic when Papa took Mama to the hospital
...for the friendly and efficient doctor and nurses
...for wonderful friends and relatives who prayed for us (especially Mama)
...for beautiful wishes from everyone after the delivery

and last but not least...for Caitlynn Cheah Ying Shan, my new baby sister, who opened up her eyes to this world at 3.48pm, 26 Nov 2009, staring into the joyful teary eyes of Papa and Mama. She weighed in at 2.76kg but stretched herself at 52 cm in length! That's even longer than when I first came out! Destined for supermodelling, perhaps? :-p Her head measured at 32.5cm, slightly smaller then mine.

Now, that alone is surely something priceless to be thankful for during this thanksgiving!

Looking ahead, I am very excited to be elevated to big brother status. Sure hope I can be a good role model for Caitlynn to follow. Hee! Hmmm, it would be intersting to see how we would eventually be sharing blogging space too once she can start to blog like me! I'm sure she can relate and share more about the adventures that took place in the delivery room.

In the meantime, I'd just have to make do with some photos Papa took yesterday during Caitlynn's birth. Enjoy the photos and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Happy Mama before the delivery process...

Caitlynn is born...isn't she a beauty?

"Here's looking at you kid! *wink!*"

Vital stats at birth!

Mama poses with little Caitlynn

Papa having his moment with Caitlynn

Ah Ma also came to see baby Caitlynn in person!

Our first family photo together! Hee!

The Many Hats I Wear...

"Oh no! Not another hat?!!"

"methinks hat is too big for me..."

"Mama...there's a bear on my head!!"

Big Shoes to Fill

Looking up to Papa, I know I sure have big shoes to fill if I want to be like him when I grow up. Let me see some habits that we already share:

1. We like to sleep face down

2. We are extremely hard to wake up in the morning

3. We are stubborn to go to sleep even when we’re really tired

4. We love noodles

5. We don’t drink a lot of water

Getting there…getting there…

Bend it like Backwards

This particular stunt is just driving Papa and Mama nuts! By bending over backwards whenever possible sure is one cool stunt!

The world sure looks funny upside down too. Wait a minute. The world is already funny right side up too. Hehe!

Feared Fears

Even at my tender age, I have begun to develop certain fears. Fears that will cause me to tremble in my spot, unable to move, except for my tears…

Though the list may change or increase as I grow older, my challenge is to stay clear of these top three fears to date:

1. Automatic car washes – I am always traumatized whenever Papa drives the car through those automatic car washes where tonnes and tonnes of water and soap is splashed all over the car.

A bigger version of the above comes when this thing called rain starts to pour. Heavy rain feels like a giant car wash with water coming down from the sky. Sure is scary when accompanied with thunder and lightning.

2. Sniffing doggie noses – Doggies are cute only when they are not charging straight at you and smelling all over you. Scary experience!

3. Grass – Although I can step on it, my confidence is quickly shaken on this surface as I will be extra-careful…especially when they sometimes have those short thorny stuff that pricks the legs. Painful indeed!

Smile of the Day!

The Smell of Success...

(warning: 18-PL photo contained within blog...)

It's working! My potty training is on track! Every morning I would be rushed to sit on my hurry potty whilst Papa gets ready to go to work.

The result? My lump of morning poop safely delivered in the potty. Yes!! Another diaper saved...

Victory! Ahhh...the smell of success...

Measuring Madness!

Yay! I finally have a ruler pasted on my house wall! Now, I can stand next to it and and measure how tall I have grown. I wonder why Papa didn’t simply lay this sheet of ruler on my bed so my height can be measured the same time as I’m sleeping? Hee!

Notice my obsession with measuring stuff as I fiddle around with the measuring tape in my hand...hehe...

Satay Satisfaction

I have come to a conclusion that good stuff always comes at the end of a stick. Let's see, there was..

... the cool lantern that I enjoyed playing with that came at the end of a stick
... my ever favourite drumstick that produces noises at the end of drums
... the strings that came with the stick that was joint to the kite!
... the stick in Papa's car that helps take us go places!
... the broom, with brushes at the end of the stick that makes sweeping fun!
... the net at the end of the badminton stick sure makes beating really fun too!

...and of course last weekend, when Ah Kong and Ah Ma came down to visit last weekend, it was somehow decided that we were going for Satay Kajang - so I was introduced to this local dish, which had a whole chunk of meat at the end of the stick! Cool! Only disappointment was that I was still deemed to young (probably it's the teeth) to eat it, so I could only watch the adults enjoy themselves...sigh.

Looking forward to the next time when I would hopefully have strong enough teeth to sink into some Satay!

Mr. Bus Driver!

My obsession with buses took another turn for the extreme when Papa found me this stationery bus machine in a shopping mall that would shake and move when some coins were inserted into a slot next to it.

Imagine my delight when I got to experience first hand handling the bus, complete with steering wheel and all! Wee! Too bad I couldn’t move it anywhere though. Sigh. :-p

Funny Face Friday!

Hurry Potty

About more than a month back, I was introduced to this strange small plastic bucket where I would be placed to sit on whenever I needed to poop. I would call this my ‘hurry potty’ because everytime I give the signal that it is time to poop, Papa and Mama would rush me very quickly to sit on the ‘hurry potty’.

Too bad, most of the time, the entire sequence of hurrying me to this potty would be so funny, I would lose my urge to poop properly already. Need more practice before I fully master the art of pooping in a dignified manner. Hee!

Rocking the Horse

After months of rodeo riding on Papa, Mama, and other things all over the house, I had a glimpse or teaser of how riding a horse would be like when I was in the children’s section of Ikea. They had this toy rocking horse on display and I just couldn’t resist riding it. Wee!

Sure feels good riding it! Wonder why Papa and mama didn’t buy it for me? Perhaps they are afraid their riding duties may be replaced at home. Hehe…:-p

O Medicine!

O Medicine!

Where have you gone?

Your sweetness. Your flavor.

Your scarily accurate measure.

O Medicine!

Why do I have to wait…

To taste you again?

Do I need to be sick before you re-appear?

Or are you just playing hard to get?

O Medicine!

Can I fake a cough, or blow my nose?

Or does it have to be real?

The waiting game is unreasonable

It’s making things tough.

It’s making me unwell.

The pain. The suffering. The anxiousness.

O Medicine!

Why are you doing this to me?

Or could it be?

When I truly fall sick, you will appear once more?

To quench my desire. My thirst. My needs?

Could it be? Could it be? Could it be?

O Medicine!

Come back to me!

Stationery Crying

I have discovered that crying for something in a stationery position can be more effective. Especially more so when the wailing is done continually and complete with weepy expressions set.

Sad to say, this technique does not seem to work any more since my first few attempts. These days, Papa and Mama seem to enjoy watching me do it, sometimes laughing or video recording me too. Sigh.

Smile of the Day!

Happy Birthday Mama!!

Happy Birthday to the BEST Mama in the world!
I promise to be a super duper extra good boy today!! :-D

Mirror Me!

Do I know what I look like? You betcha!

Whenever I see myself in the mirror, I will always grin happily and point my finger at the mirror, seemingly saying “Look, that’s me!! Wee!”

Nursing Pillow

I discovered any of Mama’s many talents when she sewed this beautiful nursing pillow, which would be used when my baby sister comes along. Won’t really fit me now, but I think it still makes a really good feeding pillow or sleeping erm, pillow! Hehe!

Just take it as me quality-testing it for baby. :-p

A Helping Hand

I’m not sure why more people see me as a little cute rascal or mischievous bully. I do have a kind, merciful heart, you know. Like in recent weeks before my baby sister comes out, Mama would often have difficulty getting up from any seated position.

When I noticed she needs to get up, I would immediately rush over to her and offer both my hands to help pull her up. Papa would usually pull her other hand as we help Mama to stand up.

Now, wouldn’t that make me a good boy? :-D

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