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Battering Ram

I admit…it may be painful, or irritating, or even downright silly…but it is still my strange way of showing my affections! Yup, my tried and tested battering ram aka head butt is here to stay!

So, please do remember to love me back when I head butt you next, ok? Hee!

Wave Your Flag!

Don’t we all just love our Malaysian flag? I for one, simply cannot stop waving and flapping the flag at every opportunity…even months after our National day! I have even perfected calling out “Merdeka! Merdeka!”
In reality, the flag sure helps to keep all those mozzies away! Besides, it makes for a good drumstick too when I misplaced the real ones! Hee!

Band Dreams

I have not figured out what it is yet, but there is just something about the Boys Brigade band that makes me stand in awe and admiration.

Is it those cool band uniforms?
Or the fact that the are playing under the hot sun and courageously not showing it?
Or is it the way all instruments combine so well with one another?
Or that they don’t need any speaker enhancements?

Whatever it is, I certainly enjoy these moments when they play and dream about when I will be in such a band…hee!

Ski Flyer

I noticed there are a lot of rolls of wrapping paper in the house. I guess Papa and Mama must really like to wrap presents! Hmmm…that’s an exciting thought.

Anyway, I find myself seriously addicted to taking at least two of these rolls and walk around with them. Sure gives me that skiing in snow feeling.

Hope Papa and Mama are good at catching hints…

Christmas Wishes!

"Merry Christmas 2009 everyone!"
(on behalf of Papa, Mama and Caitlynn)

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! (2 Cor 9:15)

Mystery of Moving Items

Strange things have been happening around the house of late. I have heard Papa and Mama mentioning some items seem to have disappeared from where they were supposed to be…only to see them reappear elsewhere, where they should never be. Erm, geddit?
Like the TV remote found in the food cabinet.
Like books found in the laundry basket.
Like pens and clothes hangers found on beds.
Like clean diapers found in the wastepaper basket.
Hmmm. I wish I could help look for the missing items but I’m just a little toddler. How could I help. Besides, I’m always too busy moving things around the house too…

Throwing Tantrums…and so much more..

Is it an in-built character? Or did I learn it from somewhere? Even I cannot explain how I have developed this not very good habit of throwing ‘silent’ tantrums by showing my long sulking, expressionless face…and then proceeding to pick up nearby objects and throwing them everywhere…

Worse part of it is that after being sounded by Papa or Mama, I would then have to travel all over to pick up those objects thrown…sigh.

Is there a better way to throw tantrums?

Feeding the Cow

I have been taught to save money from young. See, Ah Ma gave me this cute little cow coin-box for me to insert coins (what else?!) into it. The coin jingling sound and the challenge of squeezing in the small little miserable coin into the equally small coin slit makes this activity quite interesting!

It also makes me wonder why they don’t just give me a bucket to throw those coins it. Wouldn’t you think that would save a lot of time? Strange adult toys…

Hygiene Freak

Recently I have realized that I am beginning to turn out to be quite a hygiene freak! As I reflect, I have listed down the following tell-tale signs…

1. Runs gleefully to the bath room to wash my feet and hands when asked to do so
2. Finds the broom and dustpan very fun to use
3. Fascinated by how the vacuum cleaner works
4. Exclaims “Aiyeeeee!!” when I see insects or rubbish on the floor
5. Uses whatever that is in my hands to hit ants or insects on the floor
6. Fascinated when the windows or sliding doors are being washed
7. Delighted to use those hand sanitizers
8. Can be quite good in keeping stuff in order, like books or toys


Collin's Dictionary: Phototherapy

“Phototherapy” – A unique form of medical treatment where the infected adult is prescribed prolonged permission and access to snap excessive photos of babies. Higher intensity is usually required whenever a newborn baby arrives.

Papa’s phototherapy treatment had already begun when I first opened my eyes into the world about 22 moons ago. I still remember him snapping and flashing away at my every pose, yawn, smile, breath… yup, it’s almost like having a blinking flashlight permanently docked on your eyes!

And with the recent birth of my baby sister Caitlynn, I noticed Papa’s camera required re-charging on a more frequent basis. Definitely an increase in his phototherapy treatment levels!

Anyway, Papa tells me he likes to keep the camera handy and ready to use at anytime because we never know when the next outrageous pose of cuteness will appear. He also shared with me how he wishes the next technology breakthrough would be “camera eyes” that would allow photos to be taken as and when our eyes see them!

Ahhh…perhaps that’s why natural photos always look much better compared to conventional studio shots. I’d cringe everytime I see Animal Planet-obsessed parents forcing animal costumes into their babies for such shots. And the amount of artificial spotlight lighting flooded on the poor child…*shakes head* Don’t we get enough free radioactive exposure from TV at home already?! Sigh.

So I was quite excited when I came across this interesting website with a cute name, TwoPixels Photography, who specializes in professional phototherapy in taking portraitures of newborns, pregnant mothers, children and family. Portraiture sure is a funny word. Perhaps it is derived from the words portrait and literature, which would mean ‘images that reads itself like a story?’ Hmmm….

Anyway, after browsing through some of their work, I must say I was really impressed with their fresh ideas of capturing life in motion and imaginative baby postures. Personally, I liked their contemporary use of furniture, books, trees, people and other nearby objects to complement the baby. The end result are beautiful and simple yet amazing photos that are easy on the eyes and tugs at our heartstrings – each with a delightful story to tell! Ahhh...I guess that's where the word portraiture comes in...hee!

However, the best part of it all is their ridiculously affordable prices! Basically, the price for each photo session starts from RM 400, where you will receive 15 – 20 images that will be shown in your personal gallery, and also the complete gallery of about 100 shots on CD. My math may not be that good yet but I think it roughly works out to only about RM 4 per shot! The complete price list of their photo session packages can be viewed HERE.

Congrats to TwoPixels Photography who recently celebrated their 1st year anniversary on 27 Nov 2009. I was really excited that they are celebrating it by offering giveaway photo sessions to at least three bloggers to review and write about them. Coincidentally, Caitlynn was born just a day before their anniversary date so that gives me more reason to hope we can get a free phototherapy session with TwoPixels Photography through this blog review of their site! Hee!
Meanwhile, I guess we shall have to be contented and patient with Papa’s regular phototherapy treatment…Sigh.

Funny Face Friday!

Nostalgic Seat

Ah….I sure remember this car seat! Used to be so big but looks like I’ve really grown up since. Whew. Took this pic when Mama took it out to wash before Caitlynn came out. Enjoyed climbing in and out of it again now that I’m sort of bigger than it. Hee!

Yup, still strong and sturdy enough to carry out its duties to support my lil sister. :-D

“Open Please?...”

Of the numerous words I have been learning and picking up, among my favourites are these two words – “Open, please?”

When used together, it enables whatever nearby object I’m holding to be opened for me. Like my drum set…or plastic containers…or spectacle cases…or food jars…etc.

Still cannot figure out why adults would sometimes say somethings cannot be opened. Still think they are still hiding come things from me. Hmmmmmph!

Things I learnt from kite-flying…

From where I live, I can sometimes experience the strong winds blowing into the house, especially if I’m outside or when the sliding doors are open. Times like these tend to bring back memories of my first kite-flying experience with Papa when we were back in Sitiawan.

These were some of the things I learnt from that adventure:

1. Wind plays an important role in this activity. It is very much needed to bring up the kite to fly higher and higher…and Papa also needs to run like the wind to increase the chances of it getting up in the air.

2. Grass that are short with sharp thorny stuff does not go well with my skin…

3. If the kite is up there, you’d better keep it up there as long as possible! The string rewinding session is a real pain…

4. If one flys the kite like Papa did, one is sure to burn calories…

5. If you plan to run to fly kites, make sure you run in a direction so that you eventually reach your starting point. If not, it will be a long way to walk back….

Brushed & Cleaned

One of the main highlights of taking baths these days would be right at the end where I would be given this little sick with delicate, soft brushes at the end of it. Adults call this a toothbrush and I still cannot understand why it can be called a ‘tooth’brush when it is obviously used to brush ALL my ‘teeth’? English sure is a strange language…

Anyway, I would enjoy the sensation of poking this toothbrush around the insides of my mouth and teeth. Together with Papa or Mama, who would usually be armed with another toothbrush, we would brush all of my teeth. After that, I would be asked to spit.

Now, could you understand why I’m so excited about brushing my teeth? I mean, when else would I get the chance to be asked to ‘spit?!!’ Hee!

Racket Raiser

With drumsticks or similar objects in hand, I am highly capable of raising noisy rackets just about anywhere! So, it was rather strange when I was given a racket to hold in my hand…

Not sure what to do with it. Something tells me it is wrong to hit people with it… coz maybe I have seen on TV how people hitting a ball of feathers over a fishing net with it. Don’t look fun at all to me but lots of people seem to enjoy watching it.

Ah well…till I understand the game, hitting the walls, chairs and people shall have to do…hee!

Smile of the Day!

Cone of Silence

This is so cool.

Whenever I have a secret to share…
Or when I need to talk or share my feelings in private…
Or when certain conversations are deemed private and confidential…
Or when top secret stuff needs to be mentioned…

We have our very own ‘Cone of Silence’ right here in our house. Trust me. It’s loads of fun and laughter too. Hee!


Further proof that Papa and Mama misses walking the dog, especially in shopping malls… They bought me this cute little cow-motif backpack that comes complete with a harness and a cloth cord tied to it like a dog-leash that ends in a handle in Papa and Mama’s hands.

Though I must admit it kinda looks cute on me, my movements has been greatly limited everytime I put it on. Yup, my running has been effectively leashed. Heck, I can’t even play hide and seek now! Wonder if I’m required to do any rollovers or barks too? Hmmmm.

Thoughtful Caitlynn

I had a surprise when Caitlynn was brought home from hospital. Was kinda excited to see her again and also how she will change our home. So, when she came in the house, Papa brought a present and gave it to me, saying it was a "hello, big brother" present, from Caitlynn. Wow.

Not thinking any further, I tore the present apart and found the cool form of Optimash Prime! It's a potato head with lots of funny accessories that looks like it came from the Transformers cartoon. Somehow, I have the feeling Papa had a BIG hand in choosing the pressie.

Anyway, I had loads fun with it! Thanks Caitlynn....really thoughtful of you!   and, er, yeah...welcome home!! :-)

Of Guitar Mouths & Saliva Trumpets

One fine day I realized that I don’t really need those items called musical instruments like drums and guitars and pianos to make music! I have my very own hand-made instruments (literally) with me all the time!

Say hello to my Guitar Mouth and Saliva Trumpet!

Yeah, when I make a fist with my hands and move it up and down my gaping mouth, I produce some form of vibrating music-sound thingy. Or when I purse my lips together tightly and blow in and out repeatedly, it makes a similar sound to that of a trumpet – only with less bass and more erm. saliva…

Ok ok, maybe not so much on the music part yet, but trust me, a few more weeks of practice and I should be even able to write some songs with these instruments! :-p

Pose of the Day!

I don’t quite understand…

…why so many people are wearing face masks?
…why everything seems so slow during fasting month?
…why everyone seems to be washing their hands more often?
…why I need to be buckled up inside the car?
…why Papa is so fanatical over football?
…why my clothes need to be washed separately from me. Can’t they be washed together with me as I take my bath?
…why some hymns are sung standing and some seated in church?
…why Malaysian politics is not categorized under Cartoon Network?

Perhaps I will understand more when I grow up and my mind expands a little bit more. But, all I need to know today is that God cares for me and He’s in complete control over all those things that I totally do not understand.

Crouching Tiger Pouncing Dragon

My new action sequence revealed to all!

Bend down on your knees with arms on your side in a crouching position. Take in a deep breath and assume this position so as not to arouse suspicion. This is the standby position. Whenever you are ready, use the springs from your knees or legs (hey, I’m a baby, not a physicist!) to push the entire body to a standing position. At the same time, extend your arms away from your sides like wings. Remember to flash a cheeky smile as you land on your feet from the springy jettison action.

Fun with Ethan!

One of the best things about having a new baby sister is that friends and relatives would surely make time to come and visit. So I had loads of fun over last weekend when Ethan Koko and family came down to KL to see baby Caitlynn.

It has been some time since we last met but I think with age comes closer bonding of brotherhood. Hee! We are now able to play and mix better. And baby Hannah seems pretty amused (or was it bemused) by the two of us.

Here are some of our fun moments captured together...

Boy band in the making...jamming with noisy musical instruments...

Hand in hand we stand...

Decorating Mama's hospital room with noodle like paper...hee!

Looks like we're fighting but we were really hugging each other goodbyes! Honest!
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