An Image of Independence

What lies beyond the horizon?

Beyond independence. Beyond boundaries. Beyond races.

Sometimes it's so hard to see...

We stretch. we tiptoe. we climb.

And after all our garguantan efforts

Beyond our strength. Beyond our abilities. beyond our time.

We see an image in sight...

In the horizon. Embedded. Infused.

That makes us more confused.

We see the image of ourselves

A reflection of who we are; what we've done; what we've become

Is it an independent reflection?

Is it a related refraction?


Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

Pose of the Day!

Vacuum Helper

With big gadgets like the vacuum cleaner lying around the house, adults sure do have all the fun!

So when I had the chance to get my hands on it, I sure took the chance to help do some house chores. Mama sure was proud of me!

Wonder if they will allow me to operate my washing machine cum jacuzzi next?

Strawy Situation

One of the toughest challenges in this young age of mine is mastering this scrawny little object called the ‘straw’. Apparently, it can be a rather useful ally when utilized properly as delicious liquids like medicine and juices will flow freely into the mouth!

Anyway, I have only been successful a few times before but have not been able to repeat my success on a regular basis yet. Have also lost count on the number of straws that have been sacrificed in my learning process…

Sigh…need more practice, but I hope to master this skill soon! I’ve been eyeing lotsa good-looking stuff with these straws in them! Hee!

Fountain Featured Feed

One of my most memorable dinner feeds was the one in this Alamanda shopping mall where they had this fountain feature in a park outside. Papa and Mama pushed me in the stroller to the edge of the fountain pool where I had my feed there.

Ahh….food plus a view to kill for. :-D

Sweet Switch

I tell you, there are just so many gadgets waiting to be discovered around the house alone!! A couple of weeks back I found this interesting little switch that has been neatly embedded into the walls of the house. I also noticed the majority of these switches have been conveniently placed so high up it is clearly beyond the reach of my fingers.

Anyway, every now and then when I am carried and happen to walk past one of such switches, I would make it a case to explore it. Sometimes I am allowed to touch it. That was when I discovered it is a magical switch that is linked to a light source nearby.

When the switch is flicked, the light will come on and when pressed again, the light disappears! Whoa!! I wonder if my psycho mode and good boy mode works the same way….hee!

Me and Mama Friday!

Masked Marauder

Where there is peace…he will bring noise!
Where there is cleanliness…he will cause dirtiness!
Where there is dryness… he will salivate!
Where there is order…he will cause havoc!
Where there is fragrance…he will add flavour!

Have no fear…the masked marauder is here!
But just who is he? I have absolutely no idea!

Parrot Me!

It is now truly a very dangerous phase in my life. It is the time where I’m beginning to make use of my verbal skills more and that would simply mean expanding my vocabulary.

In other words, whatever new words the adults speak to my face, I would irresistibly repeat it. Something like those colourful parrots..yah.

What new word would you like me to say today? :-D

Bulldog in the Building

Not sure if this is an indirect result of hanging around dogs too much. Without realizing it, I will sometimes switch on my bulldog mode.

Pouting my lips and running around aimlessly can be quite a scary or hilarious sight…depending if there’s anything fragile lying around! Hee!

Bus Detector

I seem to have this eerie obsession with buses. Everytime I see one on the road, I will call out “Bus!” with glee! Papa and Mama says I do put a strong emphasis on the ‘s’ too. Hee!

Hope I got it right in the sense that buses are the longer and bigger version of cars. Trucks are like buses that have been cut in half. Still don’t know how to call out those vehicles with two wheels yet.

Whenever I climb up the stairs at home, I will also never fail to make a ‘bus stop’ somewhere at midway point where I can see a toy bus in some glass casing. Just another example how obsessed I can be with buses

Smile of the Day!

Doggie Duet

A progress update on my longshot pursuance of a career in singing:

Mama: How much is that doggie in the window?
Me: Woof! Woof!
Mama: The one with the waggily tail…
Me: Woof! Woof!
Mama: How much is that doggie in the window?
Me: Woof! Woof!
Mama: I sure hope that doggie’s for sale!
Me: Woof! Woof!

My Favourite Foods

I'm not sure how taste is developed, but this is an entry to record what food I like to eat at this stage of my life...

...and the top 5 picks are:

5. Pasta - they come in all shapes and sizes!!
4. Noodles - lorve that slurpy feeling when I suck it in to chew. The dark-coloured ones are tasty too!
3. Cornflakes - crunchy and excellent snack!
2. Yoghurt - Soft, creamy and tasty too, especially those fruity flavoured ones.
1. Medicine - you should see how psycho I become when I am offered those sweet strawberry-like fluids. Mmmmmmm. :-D

Vocab Update

Never thought verbal skills would be a challenge. Anyway, these are some of the words that have been coming out of my mouth lately:

Pro: Papa, Mama, Ah Ma, Ah Kung, Che-che, Car, Bus, Nen-nen (aka milk), Dog, Light, Dark dark (when the lights go out), Pom pom (bath time!), Bubble, Owl (violent cartoon on teevee), Come, Go, Star, Book, Woof

Almost There: Ah Por, Truck, Moon, Upstairs, Work, School, Lai (come), Kia (walk), Arrow, Toys

Struggling: Shoes, Auntie, House, Clothes, Outside, Messy, Thank You

Wish-List: I want my Jacuzzi!, Give me the remote!, Let me drive! Go Man U! (Papa’s wish)

My Sensitive Side

Spending the bulk of my weekdays with two other older girls does have its pros and cons. Whilst they don’t seem to enjoy racing car toys, they have surely introduced me to a world that only girls would enjoy.

Some of the activities that I have picked up from these girls include masak-masak where we play imaginary cooking and try on fashion accessories like bangles and headbands.

Ahhhh…some call it feminine. I call it expanding my horizons. :-P

Pose of the Day!

Catching Up With Ethan Koko! (or was it the other way round)

More photos from Penang!! Wee!

Met up with Ethan Koko in this nice restaurant called Nonya Breeze. I vaguely remember coming here before but I still cannot enjoy all the lovely food on display. Sigh. At least this time, Mama allowed me to sample some of the dishes. Maybe I need more teeth to grow before I'm allowed full access. :-P

Nice colourful menu full of pictures...hee!

Catching up (literally) with Ethan Koko!

Cute and chubby baby Hannah!

Ethan Koko family foto!

Man of Arms

Nope. I am quite sure I haven’t been watching too many violent movies or cartoons on teevee. And nope, I don’t hang around violent people too.

But please don’t ask me to explain my reflex action of turning a rolled up poster into a gun-like toy, OK?....

Holidaying in Penang!

I went travelling again to Penang two weekends ago! Papa had some business to attend to and since it was rather last minute, he decided to drive us all up there for the weekend. Yay me!

It was also rather timely as Ethan Koko had just touched down from USA a week earlier. This would mean that I would be able to meet up with him as well as baby Hannah! Wee! I will post photos on that in another blog as I already have quite a number of photos here.

As usual, my travel blog in pictures below:

Back to the beach with Mama! Am much braver now!

View from the hotel room......

Posing with Papa!

With a hotel bed this comfy, it's so tough to get up in the morning!

Holiday @ Evergreen Hotel, Penang

Boy Behind the Curtain

My fascination to play with curtains continue to astound even myself! I was delighted when I found more curtains to play with when I was at this hotel in Kampar.

See if you can spot me in this pic!
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