Smile of the Day!

Sleeper Poser

For those of you who do not yet know, allow me to asssure that sleeping is definitely a form of art. Here are some of my favourite poses that confirms this fact:

"In Surrender"

"The Skydiver"

"The Running Man"

Durian Daze

I had my first encounter with a very strange fruit recently. It’s skin was covered in thorns and the handle was so short it was hardly easy to carry it safely. Anyway, the fruit itself was even weirder. Whilst it looked big from the outside, the inside was made up of several smaller compartments with each having two to three seeds with the flesh.

And as if the looks wasn’t strange enough, the taste just drove me nuts! Mama let me try a small bit but it was enough to make me cringe in horror and stay clear from seconds.

How do adults enjoy this fruit called ‘durian’ anyway? Aren’t the thorns a clear signal that the taste is horrible? Sigh…


A sure-fire way to grow longer! Simply try to reach out for stuff that is far beyond your reach! You will know you are getting there when you find yourself tip-toeing and stretching your fingers to the max!

Works for me! :-D

Can I Have A Drum Set?

One of the coolest things about going to church is that I can find plenty of huge musical toys that I will not find at home. Of all these big toys, I think my current favourite are those huge drum sets. Must be something about round tongs that makes people just enjoy beating it with long sticks.

Anyway, I sure hope I get to bring my own set of drums home some day. :-)

Pose of the Day!

Collin’s Dictionary: Speed

Speed - The efficient amount of energy needed to produce sufficient motion of the entire mass of body to avoid detection or capture by adult hands. Commonly found in tandem with vocal screaming.

Basket Case

Recently found myself in possession of a new toy. Initially I had no idea these laundry baskets could be so much fun! Especially if it is turned over and put on the head!
Yeah, who needs safety helmets anymore when these baskets gives me full frontal face protection!

I wonder why Papa and Mama never allows me to wear the basket whenever we go out. Is our house more dangerous? Gasp!

Lari Setempat

One of my personal favourite exercises is the action of running in the same spot. Besides giving me the satisfaction of creating that ‘preparing to run fast fast’ pose, this action also doubles up as a mini earthquake generator!

Complement this action with a cheeky grin and it is guaranteed to crack people up. :-D

I Have Overcome!

After weeks of having this personal battle, I have finally prevailed.

Yup, where once was fear, now only confidence stands.
Where once was trembling, now firmness remain.
Where once was grass, now there’s Collin!

No more fear of grass for me! Yay!
Now, I just have to watch out for those doggie poops. ;-p

Smile of the Day!

Vitagen Vigour

Although it is a widely known fact that almost anything that I can grab a hold of will end up in my mouth, there is something else about this Vitagen bottle that makes me want to chew it up more.

Perhaps it is the memories of the sweet taste before the bottle became empty…or it is how the shape of the bottle seemingly fits so snugly into my mouth.

Anyway, those Vitagen chaps sure knows how to make this toddler happy! :-D

Return of the Stairs

My evenings are never the same again! Papa and Mama have now allowed me to climb up the stairs! Yay! So I do have my usual daily quota to fill but it sure makes me happy…..and exhausted too!

I still do get distracted by the teevee, rails, etc. on the way up, but Papa and Mama is always behind me to make sure I do not lose my focus.

Now, if I’d only the chance to try going down. Hmmmm

Pressing the Right Buttons

As a baby, I always try to test the limits of my rebellious and disobedient nature with Papa and Mama. It is just a matter of time before I discover the right buttons to push, literally.

Lately, I have really caused chaos in the house by repeatedly pressing the teevee buttons. Sometimes, I could even increase or decrease the volumes!

Now, even my beloved remote control has no chance when I am right there live, pressing those teevee buttons!

One Eyed Jack

Had a pretty bad insect bite above my left eye last week which resulted in some pretty awful looking swelling and itchiness. It all happened so very quickly during my sleeptime at night that till now I still don’t know what actually bit me.

Anyway, it left me a droopy one eyed look for a day. Papa and Mama also took me to see the doc just to be sure it wasn’t anything more serious than an insect bite. Papa mentioned he was quite relieved that the Insecticons weren’t responsible for it.
I also think the flesh above my eyes must be pretty sweet because just a few days ago, my right eye was stung by another unidentified insect, almost right after my left eye had healed completely. Sigh...

Me and Mama Friday!

The Kiss That Never Flew

A lot of adults are trying to teach me that ‘flying kiss’ action where I kiss the palm of my hand, open it up and blow it towards my intended target.

Not sure if I’m a slow learner or just selfish at heart, because almost all the time, my palm will just get stuck when it touches my mouth. Almost looks like I’m slapping myself. :-p

Sorry….no flying kisses for now. :-D Need more practice…

Big Brother Me To Be!

Oh boy! This is such exciting news to share! Apparently some doctors have this ultra cool camera that can take pictures inside people’s tummies.
So anyway, I managed to get hold of this exclusive photo inside Mama’s tummy…and I see another baby is growing inside! Looks like I’m gonna be a big brother soon! Not sure when that will be but the photograph is dated around 20 weeks so I’m sure you adults would be able to do the math. Cause I can’t. :-(
"looks like another smiley baby too! :-D"

What the math will not be able to tell you is whether I’m going to be a big brother to a baby girl or boy. Hee! Papa and Mama have already told me this but I think I shall keep it a secret for now. Shhhhh.:-D

View from the Throne

Although I don’t really look like I enjoy my food, one of the highlights that I enjoy about feeding time is when my feeding chair is placed on top of the normal adult chairs. Sitting high above ground gives me an elevated feeling like a king on a throne.

In addition, it is always more fun when I throw toys down on the floor from my lofty position. Hee!

Perak Poser

I may be too young to understand the current political situation that is going on in the state of Papa and Mama, but here I am, posing with the Perak flag in very windy conditions. How apt. Hmmmmm. :-D

Here’s hoping the people of Perak will get their peace of mind soon!

Pose of the Day!

Cool Dip in the Pool

I had a really fun time in Kampar in late May when I followed Papa and Mama to our church family camp. We stayed at this Grand Kampar Hotel which came complete with a bathtub in the room and also a bigger open-air bathtub on the hotel roof level.

Most people call this the swimming pool. It was my first ever contact with this cool feature. Who would ever thought that tonnes of water contained within a dug up hole surrounded by walls could provide so much fun must be a genius!

Papa and Mama took out my cool float and arm floats and so off I went for a cool dip in the pool! Best bath-like simulation I ever had! And no soap too! Hee!

Forbidden Room

There’s this room on the ground floor of my house which is apparently the guest room. I guess during times where there are no guests, the room has conveniently become something like a store room, especially baby stuff and such. Let’s see, I have seen stuff like my stroller, milk tins, baby carrier, etc. stuffed inside. Every now and then, the door to this room will be closed, seemingly forbidding me to lay my hands on other stuff stashed there like laundry and clothes hangers.

Because of this, it has become something like my favourite haunt – especially when the door is open, I will scramble to play inside at every such opportunity. Ahhh..the joys of doing forbidden stuff…hehe…:-p
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