Night Angel

Sometimes when I sleep, there will be a night light that will be switched on. Not sure why Papa and Mama does this, coz it usually becomes dark when I close my eyes anyway…

I like this particular night light that has the shape of an angel on it. Somehow, it does feel more assuring knowing that an angel is watching over me whilst I sleep. :-D


Whenever there is a pillar or wall in front of me or blocking my line of sight, I have this tendency to use my free hands to push my head in a peek-a-boo position.

It really is fun and guarantees to make anyone who sees me smile. :-D

Smile of the Day!

Transformable Toys

I was gleefully delighted when Papa presented me with some exclusive toys that he had purchased from this place called ebay. They were a pair of robot-like soft toys with strange names such as Softimus Prime and Slumblebee. Apparently, they were created after popular characters from the Transformers series that Papa speaks so highly of.

Anyway, the cool thing about these toys is that they can be reversed inside out to become a truck and a car! And they are made of soft materials so there should be no way I could hurt myself playing with them.

Strange thing is Papa seems more excited about them than me. Hmmmm.

Collin’s Dictionary: Electrocute

ElectroCUTE – The deliberate act of harnessing the electrical properties of one’s pupils and executing the intended action of simultaneous rapid eyelid movement that would result in generating a cute outlook. People exposed to this action is commonly known as being electroCUTEd. Caution: preferably not to be initiated in front of mirror. See also Flirt; Blink

Safety Helmet

Being hyperactive whilst running aimlessly around the house sure has my Mama and Papa overly concerned at times.

I could sometimes run right smack into a wall…or slip off my own drool…or trip over my own toys….see how dangerous the house can be?!!

Maybe that’s why Papa sometimes likes to put one half of my shape sorter ball on my head, which makes it look like some form of safety helmet. Hee!

Squat and Stand

Yet another simple exercise regime that is great to build those knee and thigh muscles…I think…coz that’s where I feel some pull when I do it. Hmmm.

I call it the Squat and Stand. Start by finding a nice spot to initiate the starting squatting position. At the count of three, spring up with a wide smile on your face to a standing position. Catch your breath, and proceed to squatting position again. Repeat the steps above till you are out of breath or till you find yourself in a place where you cannot move anymore. See, I have noticed that I tend to move forward a few steps when I perform this exercise.

For those who may be worried of the level of difficulty of this exercise, you may opt for the lighter version, which I like to call Squat and Sit…

Funny Face Friday!

Captain Caption Challenge #3

Come...try and give a shot at providing a funny caption to my pose below in the comments section....

"Uh-oh....I think I just pooped..."

Mama Mia! It’s Macaroni!

Mama made me a special dish the other day. It was also my first complete Italian meal – a full bowl of macaroni!! Never thought I could enjoy noodle-like stuff in delicious soup all by myself! Mmmmmm……thanks Mama!

I think I’m all ready for more Italian goodness now, like erm, pizza? No?

Sumo Stomp

Sometimes I wonder if the weight is distributed equally all over my body?

Personally, I think my right leg feels heavier than other parts of my body as I always have this uncontrollable urge to stomp it on the ground when I stand. If you have seen those huge Sumo wrestlers in preparation for action, you will know what I mean.

Now, if only my left foot can follow suit, I think I just might be able to simulate a mini-earthquake, or invent a new dance routine…hee!

Racing Cars

Despite Papa’s best efforts in embedding football into my young mind, I find it strange that I still get to play with an assortment of toy cars. Ranging from colourful Ferraris to shiny Mini Coopers, there’s no denying these wheels do catch my eyes!

Hmmmm….makes me wonder if I’ll grow up to be more of a F1 kid rather than a football kid…

Family Foto Friday!

Loose Screw

Not sure if I have recently discovered a new talent of furiously shaking my head non-stop from left to right, or there’s a loose screw in my neck somewhere…

This dizzying motion simply makes the adults go nuts! Actually, come to think of it, it kinda makes me go dizzy too. Go ahead, try it today!

Curtain Calling

The way a curtain falls
Is like the way it calls
To steal a peek of things I can’t see
And check out what’s hidden from me!

Stunt Driver

I am quite sure I have grown longer and longer. Since I have not been given any ruler-like stuff to confirm this, I have been using other unorthodox methods. These include ability to reach for more stuff placed on the dining table, how high my chin is from the cot railing, my eye level from Papa’s knees, etc.

Another method which I would like to highlight today is the length of my leg to that gear stick that separates me from Papa in the car. The other day I realized my right feet was long enough to actually ‘rest’ on this stick! Isn’t that cool? I could finally assist Papa in his driving!

So a few days later, we were driving home at night when I realized the gear stick was incorrectly still engaged in Day. Papa didn’t seem to realize this so I thought I’d be a good son and help him. So, I gave one good kick and shifted the gear stick back to Night. Thought Papa would be happy but he instead he shifted the stick back to Day and drove on.

I guessed I must have done something wrong because from the next day onwards, my car seat has been permanently shifted to the back again…sigh.

"look hands!!"

Chicken Run

As an urban baby, I’m really blessed to be able to go back to Ah Por’s house in Sitiawan and see some things most urban babies won’t even see in their life.

For example, the last time I was back in Sitiwan, I had a fun time running with going up close with real-life kampong chickens! I mean…these fowls are the real thing! Complete with feathers and all! Whoa…

Smile of the Day!

Doing the Crab Walk

Sad to say, I have not overcome my fear of grass yet. This can be evidenced from a funny episode where Mama took me for a brief garden walk within our house compounds.

As Mama left me at our front door, I had to slowly inch my way along the sides of our house, taking slow side steps, much similar to how a crab walks. These cautious steps were necessary to ensure I do not have to have any contact with the grass section of our house.

Finally, my efforts paid off as I reached the terrace section where there is more cemented section for me to walk around freely. Whew…

Digging Digi Ads

I have a theory – the quality of people who are in the media or advertising line can be measured by the effectiveness of their ads on babies.

And after hours and hours of exposure to these ads on the teevee, I can confidently say one of the best producer of ads are those Digi guys. No kidding.

Their musical ads never fails to attract my attention, pull me away from whatever I was doing to the front of the teevee screen, and makes me go spontaneously happy, smiley and clappy.

Some of my favourites include the one with the So What song and the one with the Sugar…honey, honey song. Can’t wait for their next catchy ad!

Those Cheeky Eyes

Watch out world! I have recently added another bit of weaponry to my arsenal of cuteness…

As if naturally, I can blink both my eyes simultaneously at my unsuspecting targets, rendering them helpless and submissive to my cuteness. Not sure how it was developed though, but I may it highly effective when I do it right after I’ve done something wrong, or when I feel compelled to be disobedient.

I also believe it is an early stage of baby flirting or some have even called it ‘main mata’. Now, I just have to learn not to overuse it. :-P

Mama my Barber

Since my last visit to the barber shop at the end of last year, I am proud to say that my hair has been quite well maintained by my beloved Mama! It did take her several attempts though but I think she has gotten quite the hang of it now. The snips are cut-lines are now more consistent and more boy-cut-like. :-P

Now, I wonder why Mama never extended her barber service to Papa too…:-?

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