Football Foto Friday!

baby photo of Carlos Tevez? hee! noooo...guess again!

Spectacles Spectacle

Nothing escapes my gangster grip!

Papa’s eye glasses found out the hard way when I managed to grab hold of it one day. Managed to pull it away to have a closer look. And had a taste of it - not very nice; and almost broke it in two also if not for my under-developed super strength.

These days, Papa seems more wary of the whereabouts of my arms whenever he carries me. J

Remembering Chor Chor

It’s been a week and two days now since Chor Chor passed away. I was really too lost for words on how to type in this entry then. As I recollect the events that took place that weekend, everything just feels so solemn.

All I know was that it was a really chaotic weekend. When we found out about the news last Saturday morning, Papa and Mama packed up everything pretty fast and shot up north at once. I was also very co-operative by sleeping for quite a while in that morning so the packing could be done faster. Hee!

We then reached Ipoh to pick up Ah Kong to go up to Alor Star (town sounds really classy with a star in it. Hmm.). Ah Ma had already gone up to Alor Star earlier. And it just so happened that Mama wasn’t feeling too well also that Saturday, so I stayed behind to take care of Mama (heh!) , together with Ah Por and Kim Lin Tracy in Ipoh.

On Sunday, Papa didn’t feel too well also (must be in season). After seeing the doctor and taking some medication, Papa then drove down to Ipoh on Sunday night and we proceeded to go back to KL immediately, reaching home about 2am.

Although I didn’t have the opportunity to see more of Chor Chor, I was really glad that she managed to see me this year that I was born, celebrated with me during my first moon lunch, and more celebrations during a wedding dinner in Penang. She must have been one incredible lady to have gathered so many friends and relatives who came to pay their respects. Heck, Papa said event eh doctor he went to also knew her!

I dug thru Papa’s photo file archives and found this exclusive, wonderful picture of Chor Chor in a really natural happy look taken during Papa and Mama’s wedding. I’ll miss you Chor Chor…:-(

Biker Me!

I do enjoy my occasional neighbourhood walks. Gives me a better perspective of the outside world – that there are other houses out there; there are other dogs out there; there are other cars out there; there is more to life out there. J

But there was this time where the mode of transportation made it all different. Papa had just come back from buying dinner on the motorcycle and Mama decided to take me out for a ride too. So we hopped onto the back of the bike and the whole family went for a spin around the neighbourhood.

I hung on to Mama for dear life throughout the journey but I really enjoyed myself! Look out world – future biker in the making!

Pads Taste Good Too!

I would list this episode as another progress of my growing phase. That day, I successfully detached the shoulder pads of my car carrier straps all on my own!

And not only that, I even continued the amazing feat by putting it into my mouth…all on my own!

OkOk…..sorry…so this is a self-praise blog. Hee!

the aftermath...

Collin in a Box!

Chairbaby Collin

This funny-looking chair was brought over from Mama’s hometown of Sitiawan. Must be something from yonder old cos the structure is made from steel and straps look like plastic belt straps without any baby-safety paddings.

Having said that. It does come with a quite comfy seat, and can be adjusted to be immoveable or rocking. I did enjoy this chair for some time – always made me feel important, helps me to focus on the teevee and it was my first feeding chair.

Have since outgrown it and now I sit on a more modern throne-like booster seat for my feeding sessions…but this one doesn’t rock me as much….sigh.

1901 Celebrates with Me!

Collected my 9th moon today and also found out something exciting that also happens every month when i collect my moons!

1901, the franchise that sells great hotdogs has this super deal every 19th day of every month. Isn't that cool to have a franchise celebrate every moon collection event of mine? Anyone wanna gimme a treat this month, or any other month? Hee!

Extracted details (from below for all dog lovers:
New York Chicken & Chicago Beef for RM 1.99 each. Over the usual price RM 4.90 each. It's once a month; happening every 19th.

Spend time, chit chat, and have fun with them over our New York Chicken and Chicago Beef. After all, we are Food for Friendship.

Participating outlets:• Suria KLCC LG• Great Eastern Mall• Petronas Tmn Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI)• The Curve• 1 Utama (New Wing)• Ampang Point• Giant Hypermarket Shah Alam Stadium• Centrepoint Bandar Utama• Pantai Medical Centre• Sogo• Pavillion

My First Notes

I’m not very good at reading hints but when Papa and Mama bought me this toy piano, I think they really want me to have some inclination towards music when I grow up. Hmmm.

It is ridiculously colourful with flower-like petal keys and knobs that make the tunes go faster. But seriously, it doesn’t resemble a piano at all!

Anyway, it does help in keeping me entertained though. Besides, those colourful petals are yummy; and Papa teaches me that stomping the keys with my feet can be quite a workout. Hee!

In Wonder…

Hmmmm….I wonder what shall I do today?

Shall I poop 3 or 5 times?
Shall I sleep right on schedule like good boy? Or become cranky so no one gets any sleep?
Shall I crawl fast for 5 metres? Or slow for 10 metres?
Shall laugh longer or cry longer?
Shall I smile at everyone who makes a funny face at me?
Shall I highlight my grumpy look?
Shall I drink Mama’s goodness happily as with my cereals?
Shall I burp loudly or softly?

Ahhh…decisions, decisions…

Smile of the Day!

My smile of the day, complete with a certain Cristiano Ronaldo hair-do. Hee!

Food Ratings

This will be my first ever food review blog. Take note not to take it too seriously cos one baby’s yum yum could be another baby’s yuck yuck…

The following are exclusive ratings of food or stuff I put in my mouth, on a scale of 1 star to 5 stars:


- Mama’s goodness


- Nestle cereal

- Plastic toys

- Remote control

- My own fingers

- Baked potatoes

- Buttons


- Chair

- Cot

- Rusk biscuits

- Hankies

- Porridge with fish and broccoli

- Diapers

- Apples


- Porridge

Army Boy Collin!

For some strange reason, Papa and Mama seem to love to get me army garbs. I know they have not been playing too much Counterstrike, nor are they NS I still can't figure out why.

All I know is they seem to think I look pretty cool wearing 'em. Here's a few of my favourite poses:

in stealth mode...

guess who...?


There are times when Papa or Mama tries to pat me to sleep but my mischievous self tries to run, err crawl away, they will have to pull both my legs back.

In that split moment, I feel exactly like a wheel-barrow. Pretty exciting actually…hee!

Hmmm…wonder if walking on hands is easier than on legs?

Strawberry Goodness

I’ve always enjoyed Mama’s goodness. Although some may say it’s original, plain, no added flavoring, etc., I think it has all the right ingredients in their right proportions to give me a satisfied meal. Mmmmmmm.

However, I do notice that during the periods where I was not feeling too well, there could be times when Mama’s goodness would have some strawberry like taste. Not sure how the added flavoring or colour came from, but it sure tasted funny the first time I was fed it.

Whatever it is, that strange strawberry-flavored concoction of Mama’s goodness usually does the trick of making me feel better again. Perhaps it is one of those Mama-baby phenomenons that will produce the right goodness at any time of my need. Hee!

Family Foto Friday!

Me and Papa, the Man United fanatic..hee!

Two Docs and a Wedding!

Phew! What a tiring Saturday I had last weekend. I was practically out the whole day! It all started in the morning when Papa and Mama took me back to Hospital Pantai to see my ENT doc for a follow-up check after my op. I had a good time biting his gloved finger when he was checking my stitches. Hee! Anyway, all’s good and well.

Immediately after that, I went to see my PD who gave me a quick examination and then proceeded to give me my second jab for that pneumar thingy. After what I went thru during my tongue op, suddenly this jab felt like only an ant bite. :-p

By the time we rushed home to get ready to go for jiejie Chayenne’s wedding, it was already getting pretty late. Nevertheless, we still tried to go for the church reception – only in time for the pastry and cake refreshment (which looked really yummy to me…sigh). We did hang around for a while, met up with Ah Mah and Ah Kong, before going to this beautiful place called Saloma Bistro for the wedding dinner.

I was very attracted by the set-up of this restaurant. Even the ceiling fans moved at such a slow speed it seemed to hypnotise people. Or maybe it’s just me. They also had this gigantic cake on stage which I’d bet could feed the entire hall of people, and then some. There was also some wonderful singing performances and some video on screen with weird people dressed up funnily apart from the very nice pictures of the bride and groom.

Overall, I really enjoyed myself, or at least until after the fish dish where it was getting past my bed time already so Mama had to take me outside to the cozy lounge to sleep. It had been a really long day for me after all. The consolation of it is that we managed to stay on till the end, albeit spending much of the dinner time on the lounge, it was probably my first wedding dinner that Mama and Papa managed to eat the dessert. :-D They must be so proud of me...hee!

check out the very cool wedding gift - my very own BMW!!! Wee! wonder if it stands for Big Macho Wheels?...hmmm

Happy Birthday Mama!

You're the best Mama in the world! Hee!

Love, Collin

More Saliva = Less Charm

Since my tongue operation, I seem to be expressing more and more saliva, uncontrollably. Hope it is something temporary that will go away as I learn to control my glands better.

Meanwhile, my charming self-image has been tarnished somewhat in recent days. You see, the pretty girls who are also with me throughout the day at Mrs D's house has distanced themselves from me!

"Eeee! so much saliva one..."

These are certainly tough times...:-(

Label Monster

I am starting to believe all the labels that come with almost all products and items is placed there for one reason: to entertain babies.

Whether it is undeniably the softest part of the item, or the part which is the easiest to reach, or something else, labels will always have a special place in my heart because more often than not, labels will be the first thing my fangs will sink themselves into…hee!
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