My First Steps…

One of the exercise regimes Papa is making me go through everyday is my walking steps. What happens is that Papa will be in a sitting position where he will carry me to ‘stand’ in front of him.

As if by instinct, I will ‘walk’ or rather climb on Papa – one foot at a time, all the way up his belly. Sure is fun but I’m not sure if he will allow me to continue this exercise after I can walk properly on my own…hee!

Yes Sir Yes Sir, Two Bags Full...

Had my last checkup (and more jabs! sigh) last weekend and found that during the weigh in, I have crossed the 7kg mark! Wee!

However doc said I am still a little below the average mark so I might need to buck up or perhaps fatten up a bit more. I am growing longer too, which may explain the challenge for my tummy to catch up. Hee!

Anyway, just for comparison purposes, any adult that carries me now would be equivalent to carrying two 3.5kg bags of dry dog food. :-P

Of Stickers and Sprays

Papa and Mama knows how much I dislike those flying needles so they are trying out several defense mechanisms against these pesky little things.

One item that they tried was a cute little round sticker that had some smell that would apparently fend off those flying needles. This was also quite simple to use as it would be placed on me when I’m sleeping. And since I sleep on my front, it would be safe from my curious hands too as the sticker is usually stuck on my back or bum. Sure hope the smell works and not become a homing target for those needles!

The other method is a type of natural spray of sorts which has a liquid that is more fragrant than the sticker. Since it is not supposed to be harmful, this spray is applied on my clothes, cot, mattress, etc. Problem of it being so fragrant is that although it deters the needles from coming close, I’m not sure if it attracts anything else or not….

Tuesday Teaser: Why Did Baby Collin Cross The Road?

See if anyone can attempt a crack at my little brain teaser of the day? Hee!

Scroll down for answer….

Answer(highlight over for answer): To get to his sleep on the other side. Geddit?

Before I drift off to sleep, I will perform my neck flips left and right, repeatedly, to find the best position to sleep. This is done in sync with my back leg lifts and the speed of which I do those neck flips is like what adults do when they want to cross the road. Geddit now? Hee!

Understanding Standing

Well, the ability to stand may be still a long way to go for me, but I got a free preview of what it felt like already. You see, the mattress which I am usually laid down to roll, crawl, sleep, etc. in the hall is propped up against the sofa, which forms some kind of barricade of sorts for my safety, apparently.

Anyway, whenever I crawl to the end, ie when my head bangs the sofa, I have learnt to use both my (ahem!) strong arms to push my body up to a standing position. So far, I think I can stand in this position for a some 30 seconds, before my legs give way and I drop in exhaustion onto the mattress.

When my strength comes back, I will get up and do it again! Why? Because standing sure is fun! Hee!

Smile of the Day!


This is yet another form of exercise that has been keeping me fit so far. And another addition of course, to my upcoming baby video exercise. :-p I call it Cycling!

Yup, with my two active legs free to swing whenever I am carried to be fed or bathed or having a clean-up after a poop, I engage into my cycling mode. Hee! Sure is fun for me but maybe the adults are getting more exercise when I do mine! :-D

Foul! Foul!

I think I am ready for Hollywood. Hmmm, or perhaps just the football field. But then again, aren’t they the same?

According to Papa, the best actors can be found on the football field. Not sure what he means by that initially, but when I look back at this photo, I think now know why he’s so proud of me with my pose of what do whenever I’m fouled and fall to the ground during a football match. Hee!

Moving House!

Another major development for me. My crib has been moved! And without my permission too. Kinda sad as I was just starting to like my bachelor room filled with diapers, powder, shampoos and toys.

But I think in the long run, the move was definitely for the better. With my crib now in Papa and Mama’s room, I feel safer as I am closer to them every night. Ahhh…makes me sleep better too.:-D

Livina in Action, or rather Action in Livina…

When one has to go, one has to go, right? One of those Sunday mornings, Papa and Mama took me to South City Plaza after church. It was indeed a strange Sunday for me because it seemed like I was really in a pooping mood.

So, during one of those infamous explosions where I really needed to be cleaned up, Papa frantically tried to find a proper area to change my diapers but found none. Even the public toilets there didn’t have any flat sinks or anything similar.

I was quickly rushed to the car park where Papa’s second baby was waiting. With the back rows flattened, Papa’s Livina had become a makeshift diaper changing table! After all the action happening there, I was cleaned up and ready to go again in no time!

Ahhh…thanks big buddy! You sure can be pretty useful when need be! :-D

The People’s Eyebrow

"Collin has come back….to KL! If you smell….what Collin… pooping! Hee!"

Traffic Warden

A church member’s comments recently gave me another item to list down in my possible career of choice list. He said with my arms and legs flailing around like nobody’s business, it sorta makes me look like a traffic warden in action. Hee!

Hope the job doesn’t involve going into wards full of traffic…

A Visit from Ku Deh Sing

Mama’s brother (Ku Deh Sing) and his wife (Kim Lin Tracy) came down to KL quite some time back, and dropped in to check up on me!

It’s always wonderful and refreshing to have other adults make funny faces to me. Hee!

Ku Deh Sing and Kim Lin…thanks for visiting!


Now that my arms are strong enough, I really enjoy people carrying me up up up high. As long as I’m higher than the shoulders, my smile will grow bigger. Hee!

One day, my hanky was left hanging out of my shirt after a feed. So when Papa carried me to ‘fly’, it looked like Superbaby, with the cape in the wrong direction. :-D

Of Cups and Plates

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I have noticed how adults behave so strange in placing so much emphasis in winning cups! I mean, if kitchen utensils are so important, shouldn’t there be a Kitchen Ministry in our Govt? Their may involve cooking up stuff, you know...well, at least they have cabinets...Hmmm.

Anyway, as I reflect on Papa’s Man U winning the Champion’s League Cup; and recently China lifting the Thomas (who’s he anyway?!) Cup, (and more recently) Spain winning the European Cup, it’s really clear cups are highly sought after in the adult world. I heard there’s even a Cup that belongs to the World, and is fought for every four years. Scary thoughts…

After all, a certain Roger Federer looked pretty sad when he was presented with only a plate at the recent Wimbledon. And teams will always try to avoid playing in plate championships…

Hmmm….a strange future filled with cups for me to look forward to. For now, I’ve only a miniscule foretaste through my regular hic-cups…

Funny Pose Friday!

Ready, Aim, Fire...
(beijing olympics 2008 officially launched....hee!)

PKR Roadtrip

Whew! What an adventure I had over the past weekend. Papa and Mama took some days off and took me on my longest roadtrip ever. It sure felt like a PKR roadtrip. P being Perak and Penang; K being Kedah ( I remember crossing the border at some point); and R being Rest Areas. What else would you think PKR meant? *wink* Some were proper rest areas while most of the time, it was *ahem* as deemed necessary by me, if you know what I mean. :-p
The main objective of the trip was to attend one of my relative's 80th birthday. Not really sure how to address grand Uncle Pak Leng (perhaps?), so I'll just stick to relatives. Aren't they all? Hee!
Being tired and all from the trip (actually, Papa and Mama looks more tired..hmmmm. Could it be me? Nah...), I will let pictures do the talking for my blog today:
My nemesis at some Gantang Rest Area. It was also his first trip outside of Selangor. It was really a strange rest area with so many shops with the same designs, same bricks, same fridges and selling the same fruits!!
I have arrived in Penang!! We stayed in Gurney Hotel, and this is the nice view from the room. Sadly, this was the closest I got to see the beach. :-( *hint hint*
Posing on teh hotel bed. Hee! Nice and comfy!

Terrible looking cot they provided. Papa and Mama were worried for my safety and didn't put me in that 'thing' at all. We did however found it useful to hang our towels though...

Striking a pose with Ah Kong and Ah Ma. Don't I look adorable here? Hee!

They call these birthday buns. My mental thoughts: If 80 years of celebration brings these out, I wonder how many more moons do i need to collect before I even get half of it? Sighh...

Met up with Ethan Koko again! But I guess he was too preoccupied threatening his Papa with a fork...hee!
From his strong vocals, I am predicting that Ethan Koko will grow up to be a football team captain or opera singer....but then again, this photo shows a civil engineer may not be too far off too. :-D

My dinner table...really nice food; Too bad I couldn't try any and as per my earlier dinner, I managed to persuade Papa and Mama to leave early too

Somehow everyone became very excited when this dish came out. Surprisingly never finish also....I wonder why...

My family and I! Here I am, showing off my shiny head instead of my face...

We rounded the trip with a visit to Sitiawan, the place where I spent my first 2 months in confinement. Here I am, posing with Ah Por. She was so delighted to see me again after so long! :-)

Overall, it was a wonderful and exciting trip. I got to cross many bridges - one that crossed a gigantic bathtub comes to mind as we approached Penang. I also had my first taste of jacuzzi when Papa took me into the hotel bathtub with this facility. Can't wait for my next trip to Penang - hopefully when I have full set of teeth to try all those stuff I see around there. :-D

Kick for Kicks

My legs have become more active in recent weeks. Could be the bad influence of football Papa always seems to be watching cos I have this tendency to ‘kick’ everytime my feet are free.

During my bath times, I would more often than not kick down the body shampoo bottle, especially if it is within my range.

During sleep time, I would sometimes kick away the blanket that was keeping me warm. Must have inherited this from Papa…

With this love for kicking stuff, I think I foresee a possible career as a professional footballer or gangster…:-P

To The Left, To The Left…

It seems weird but it is totally true. Although I can already perform the rollover quite efficiently, I can only seem to roll over in the direction of my viewer’s left.

So, any time I am not allowed to wriggle around, a simple bolster place at my left side will already be sufficient to prevent me from rolling over. Hhhmmmmph.

I can’t wait for the day I can surprise everyone by turning to their right when they ain’t looking *wink* Hee!

New Kids on the Block

I think I’m living in a baby booming neighbourhood. You’d be surprised at the number of new kids on my block during the past year or so. Approximately four moons before I came out, my neighbour welcomed a baby boy. And about three moons plus after I came out, the neighbour behind our house gave birth to a baby boy too! A

nd looking at the number of young couples staying around the neighbourhood, I won’t be surprised if a few more of my kind pops out before the year is over!

Sure sounds fun to know I’ll be growing up together with many kids with the same age. :-D

Grandpas Uncovered!

It is rather ironic that whilst both my grandmas are natural born model wannabes, both my grandpas are the exact opposite.

Trust me, it isn’t easy to get either one of them to pose in front of a camera. Anyway, since many readers have made personal comments that they have not seen both my grandpas before, I took the trouble to dig out these exclusive photos of both my grandpas. Hee!

For me, it’s no secret, with or without photos – Ah Kong and Ah Kung – I love ya both!

Exclusive peek of me with Ah Kong (Papa's side)

Exclusive peek of me with Ah Kung (Mama's side)
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