Where the Wind Blows

After every feed, I am usually carried up to be burped – to get rid of wind inside my tummy which I may have taken in during the feed. If this wind is not cleared, it may result in me outputting my inputs.

Anyway, although most of the time I would be able to let out a huge burping sound (to the relief of all), I was just thinking would it be scientifically correct or just as effective if my wind came out from, erm…other parts of my body, perhaps…?

Smile of the Day!


I think I shall call this maneuver the Rolleverart.

It all began when I independently turned myself to face turtle back, of course with some assistance to prop me up sideways already. I also still required assistance to position my hands appropriately.

Few weeks back, I managed to turn over to my favourite turtleback position all by myself. Only one problem. I would still have one hand stuck underneath my body, and thus still required assistance from Papa or Mama to yank it out before I start to tickle myself silly. Hee!

Eventually, I could turn over by myself. Paused to gather some energy and then yanked out my own hand to the desired turtle back position. Now, I can proudly say I can perform this routine in seconds and almost automatically when I am placed flat on my back. This of course becomes an additional challenge to Papa and Mama when they want to change my diapers…but that is another story….hee!

Just recently, I find that I could also roll over another round to be positioned on my back facing up again – making my rolloverart complete! Heyyy….that sounds suspiciously like a dog trick already!….

Rash Rash Baby

This is bad. My rashes seems to have come back. And this time more parts of my body seems to have it. Not sure if it is heat related or not. I realize this world is so so so hot compared to the cool dark sanctuary of Mama’s tummy.

Anyway, I went for my fourth moon checkup with my doc last weekend. So Papa and Mama took the opportunity to showcase my rashes to the doc. Doc said the rashes underneath my neck are quite commonly caused by sweat so I guess I’ll be seeing more white powder there. Doc also advised for some baby lotion to applied to my skin. Hopefully, I can rid myself of these rashes soon. They sure don’t look nice on babies. :-(

Fourth Moon report card:

Length: 64.0 cm (increase of about 3 cm. Hmm..maybe those worm moves does help me grow longer…)
Weight: 6.2 kg (includes one nightful of pee…hee!)
Head: 40.5 cm (still average. Heyyy...why isn’t anyone watching documentaries?!)

Me, Zombie...

There is actually a freakish way to tell that I’m feeling sleepy during any feeding session of Mama’s goodness. Midway thru the feed, my eyeballs will start to roll up, my eyelids start to come down like curtains, leaving just a small slit to see most of my whites.

Yup, whenever I start turning into a zombie, it’s usually time for me to say goodnight. :-D. Papa and Mama both seem very happy whenever I start to turn into a zombie. I wonder why…

Human Clock

I still have not gotten the hang of the pushing or crawling act yet. I mean, when one pushes and crawls, one is supposed to move from point A to point B, right? Sure, there are times that I manage to worm my way to the edge of my crib; and there are times where it looks like I’m practicing my swimming leg kicks.

And there are those funny times where I would kick and kick, push and push, trying to move myself somewhere – but ended up rotating myself like the hands of the wall clock.

Not sure if that is called a breakdancing move…or perhaps just plain silliness. Hee!

Fourth Moon Lunatic

And so it would seem that at every moon collection ceremony, I will be at my utmost lunatic behaviour, and make everyone moony and loony as well. It has happened for three moons now and the streak is still alive! Hee!

During my fourth moon collection yesterday, I joyfully celebrated by refusing to go to bed past my regular bed-time. In the process, I made Mama miss some of her goodness producing sessions and made Papa stay up to watch a football match he didn’t intend to watch.

My feeding times also went lunatic with almost hourly feeds, driving Papa and Mama nuts trying to clean up and sterilize for the next feeding round.

Hey, at least it only happens at every moon collection, right? :-p

Hair-Raising Detector

Just like the early detection systems scientists and engineers are developing (or have already developed) for natural disasters like volcanoes and tsunamis, I have also developed an early detection system to warn people whenever I sense an explosive poop coming.

1. My face will turn grim and look slightly uncomfortable.
2. The ends of my hair will rise slowly, as if I was watching a scary movie
3. I will let out an apparent grunting sound.

If any of the three occurs, especially if in succession, it’s best to take immediate cover. No kidding.

O Cookie Jar…

Stole a glimpse of this when Mama opened the air-cond box the other day. My eyes popped out and I think I felt saliva coming out too.

If I was a kid, I think this would be my cookie jar…mmmmmm…

Big Bites

I have just discovered another BIG difference between Sitiawan and KL – in the form of some nasty BIG marks from those flying needles.

These KL cousins sure have bigger appetites. No fair! I’m so small I only carry that much blood and they want mine too. *sniff sniff*

Happy Papa Day! (15 June 08)

Dearest Papa,

I found out that today is a day that is dedicated to all Papas of the world, so I would like to say in my simple love note here “Happy Papa Day!! I love you!!”

Thank you for showing me so much love, patience, care, joy, and humour of course, since the day I was born. Thank you also for your support and encouragement to Mama too. I am truly thankful for a Papa like you.

So, for today…I promise to try to be at me most bestest and obedienest behaviour so that you can be proud of me!

Your #1 Fan and Son,

Crib or Zoo?

More proof that my crib looks more and more like a zoo everyday…hmmm, and what does that make me?...

Hail Caesar!

Mama says I look like a Roman emperor after each bath, especially when I’m wrapped around with a towel, like in the picture.

But, hey…if I’m the emperor, how come I’m the one who always gets tossed into the gladiator-arena like cot? The cruel world must have something against baby emperors, I tell you. Hmmmmph…

The Worm in Me!

In my favourite turtle back position, I am now able to slowly kick my legs to the back, creating little little thrusts that have enabled me to worm my way to the front. Yes, it is a grueling task but sometimes a baby’s gotta do what baby’s gotta do to go places!

Still cannot go far though. With this cot the adults have put me in, I seemed to be fenced up. And besides, by the time I managed to worm myself close enough to the fence, I would be too tired already, so I would just drift off to sleep.

Don’t think I will like this way to travel when I grow up….gotta need one of those car things..:-D

My Very Own Stamp!!

Yup! That’s me on my very own Malaysian postal stamp!! There was this promotion offered by Pos Malaysia a few weeks back during WCIT 2008 and Papa gave them my smiling photo and here I am – all ready to be licked and stamped. Hmmm…tat didn’t sound right…

Anyway, as a good, obedient and responsible grandchild, I put my famous stamp to good use a week later by surprising my grandparents with a postcard. Hee! They were really overjoyed to see me on postage…:-D

Left Feels Right Too!

Now I no longer sleep on only my right side. I think I have better control over my neck muscles which enables me to swivel my neck to my left or right in my turtle back position.

I think I’m beginning to look more like a real life toy action figure now…swivelling left to right and then left again...hmmmm.....I may be ready to cross the street!! ;-p

Angel in Church

Here is me at my bestest behaviour in church. Hee! They have this glass room chamber thingy where parents will bring their babies, kids and angels (like me…ahem!) during the normal church service. The room is supposed to be sound-proof and all.

Will make sure I test that out one day..heh heh..:-p

Papa’s Second Baby

I knew it would arrive one day but I didn’t expect it to be so soon! But it did. Last Friday evening, my ‘competition’ arrived into Papa’s arms, all shiny and squeaky clean. I remember I was definitely on the other end of the cleanliness spectrum when I arrived.

Anyway, many may not know this but there was an unwritten race as to which baby would be the first to be delivered – what more with the both of us due in March of this year. So I am of course, proud to mention I won that race rather handsomely (ahem).

So after a delay of close to five months, Papa’s second baby and my competitor, has arrived. My initial assessment of the competition looks bad. Heck, even his ID (Allan’s Grand Livina) has Papa’s name on it! What a sneaky fella.

- He poops too! But whenever a poop occurs, it enables him to move distances. In comparison, whenever I poop, everyone nearby travels distances..
- He doesn’t feed much but when he does, it is by the LITRES!! Thank God I don’t have to share Mama’s goodness with this fella.
- Doesn’t look like he needs as much attention as I do, but I have a feeling when he does, it’s gonna be pretty costly.

Anyway, I hope to be able to co-exist together with this other baby. Besides, I’m sure we can go places together. ;-D


I thought Poop-Conning was kinda funny. Whenever I pooped, it would be quite evident from the distinctive noises made. After I release a sigh of relief and make satisfied smile, the adults will proceed to change my diapers. Talk about efficiency! Hee!

Immediately after my new diapers have been put on, I then let out another pooping sound. Ooops…Hee! Don’t you think it is funny?

Hmmmph. Apparently Papa and Mama don’t think so. :-(

My First Wedding!

It was a really happening Saturday for me over last weekend. I had the privilege of attending my first ever wedding ceremony! This was the wedding between Melody and Lake held in FGA. I heard that Melody was one of Papa and Mama’s university friends, who also played the piano during one of the segments of Papa and Mama’s wedding. Dunno much about her hubby Lake but his youthful looks does remind me of the American Idol runner-up. :-)

Anyway, the crowd was really huge that morning but with some experiences of attending partees, church functions and other events with plenty of people, I managed to be at my best behaviour (ahem) for the entire course of the wedding. The entire ceremony was really beautiful – the décor, the music, the multimedia show, etc. It certainly didn’t need my extra wailing to liven up the atmosphere.

Papa and Mama met up with some old university friends there as well. There were also a couple of strange aunties from Penang who kept making funny faces at me too. They appeared more normal after the food has been served though. Whew.

Towards the end of it all, Papa and Mama went to take a photo with the newlyweds. Usually, I am not the camera-shy type of baby, but unfortunately, I had became too tired by then. Jiejie Melody, I promise to show other side in future photo shoots yah.:-)

That same night, Papa and Mama also took me to another gathering, ie. the Cheras Parish meeting. I again displayed my best behaviour here too. Only had a pooping incident that had my efficient Papa and Mama rush to clean me up, but I was strong and quiet throughout the entire episode.

Gee, now that more and more people are looking at me as a kid with good behaviour, I guess it’s gonna be some serious challenge to maintain this image.


I believe adults have this strange fascination with nets. While it was pretty fun that I spent most of my last two months inside the net-cage thingy, I forgot to mention this other net-contraption which was more fun in the sense that it rocks too! Seriously!

Instead of having me inside a cage, this rocking net sees me placed on top of it! It really is quite fun that I even sometimes enjoy having my feed whilst resting on this net.

I’m really beginning to believe these adults are a really creative bunch. Who knows what else can they think of to do with nets?

Play games with a net in between?
Catch food with nets?
Make clothes out of nets?

Simply can’t wait. ;-D
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