Independent Drinker

I think my days of having people feed me are getting numbered. Ever since I inadvertently displayed my ability to hold the feeding bottle with my hands, I would be left on my own to hold the feeding bottle during feeding times.

In the beginning, it was a struggle as I cautiously used both hands to support the feeding bottle. I soon realized I could actually rest one hand whilst the other continued to hold the bottle. I guess it does take practice to hold one’s own drink.

No wonder people say it’s dangerous to drink and drive. :-)

Splashy, Happy Bath Times

I always enjoy my bath times! I guess that’s where people got the term ‘a splashing good time!’ Here are some exclusive photos of me enjoying my splashy and happy bath times! Wee!

Your house should look like this...

.....for ONE hour, that is from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on 28 Saturday 2009.

Remember to turn off all your lights, in support of EARTH HOUR, and do your small part in saving our world, and the future (or what's left of it) that I will grow up in. :-(

Jacuzzi Joy!

Finally! After months of making sounds that cannot be deciphered by the adults about me wanting my very own jacuzzi, Papa and Mama indulged me in a brief photo moment inside this huge tub in Sitiawan where I could fit in quite snugly. It even has nice fancy buttons, which I assumed to be bubble controllers.

Strange thing is that this contraption looks a little similar to a tub back in my own home where I sometimes see my dirty clothes and bibs get thrown inside and they come out smelling nice again.

Hmmmm…something tells me I may still need to wait for some time yet before I truly get my own jacuzzi. No wonder the water never came on when I was inside. Hhmmmmph.

World of Balloons!

Papa and Mama took me out to Putrajaya last Saturday morning to see big big balloons in the sky! Wee! I'd always thought balloons were for little kids and babies like myself, but the adults crowded the park like they had never seen balloons before!

Unfortunately all tickets to go up in one of those big hot air balloons were sold out already so we just went around taking pictures and admiring these ballons in the sky!

My very own Mickey Mouse balloon! Wee!

Showing Papa a balloon in the sky! :-)

Front Row with Bon Jovi!

Papa’s favourite rock band Bon Jovi was performing inside the teevee the other day and I got to get front row seats! Hee!

I think I see Mama shaking her head though..:-p

Laser Pointer

I’m rather proud to have developed a very good ‘first-finger pointing gesture’ down pat. So now, everything I see will be sort of ‘tagged’ by my finger. The trigger is so fast I just seem to enjoy pointing at everything and everyone!

Some may see it as rude.
Some may think it looks silly.
Some may be amused by it.
Some may seem compelled to follow suit and connect their finger with mine..

Me? I think it’s a sign of a mastering the art of work delegation in the future. Hehe. :-p

Family Foto Friday!

Me and Mama! :-D

Commanded Commando

I’d like to think I would turn out to be a mighty fine soldier. Like all good soldiers, they are obedient to instructions and faithfully carry out orders without questioning much.

Although quite limited, I would be obediently able to correctly point to objects that I knows when commanded phrases like “Where is the light?”, “Where is the fan?”

Of course, if I don’t see any light or fan nearby, I will just let my fingers go loose and ‘it’ will start pointing everywhere. Hee! I can’t control my fingers sometimes, honest!

Doing the 360

Another repertoire I can add to my exercise video is this nifty move called ‘Doing the 360’. Seated on the floor, one would wave their arms in an up and down motion whilst simultaneously using the bum muscles to pivot around and around and around on the same axis.

Bonus: holding an object like a stick or spoon and making baby sounds whilst performing this exercise seem to make adults laugh.

Clamber Climber

Anyone who thinks babies only get involved in light and softy sports, think again. Allow me to introduce some extreme sports I’m currently involved in. One of my favourites is staircase crawling. This activity easily becomes an extreme sport since I can’t really walk up the stairs yet.

It can get pretty strenuous after the fifth or sixth step, and the real challenge is with the curves as it goes into another direction. Just like carabineers and rope handlers, I’m glad that there will be adults following my every step whenever I attempt this sport. Of course most of the time they won’t even allow me to start it anyway. 

Now how am I gonna feature on ESPN with parental control like this? Sigh…


One of the first few phrases that I have begun to sputter out of my mouth quite clearly is a two-syllable phrase “Uh-Oh..”

Honestly, I have totally no idea what it means, but I just have a feeling that it will really come in handy within the next few years, especially when I do some naughty things. Hee!

Pose of the Day!

Come on everybody...let's do the twist!

The Curious Case of Collin’s Cannon

Many have been baffled by my sleeping posture, especially after a full load of Mama’s goodness, or a hearty meal of the perilous porridge. While most babies would sleep with their belly up after their mealtimes, I would automatically move into my regular turtle back posture, but with a slight variation of having my cannon faced upwards.

Could he be in a yellow-alert defense-like position with the cannon on standby for any intrusion to his deep sleep?

Or perhaps he doesn’t know any other way to sleep?!

Or maybe the cot he’s sleeping in is already too small!

Ahhh…it is indeed a curious case for the typical crowd but not for the experienced eye of Mrs D. She immediately pointed out that it is typically not good for babies to sleep on a full stomach after a meal. So since I do not sleep on my belly up, my instincts have somehow taken over and raised my cannon upwards so that technically, I am NOT sleeping on my full stomach. Ain’t I smart?

Mystery solved. Hee!

Hello Hannah!

Was extremely excited when I heard KorKor Joyce had just given birth to little Hannah about a week ago on 2 March 2009. She weighed in at 3.04kg and the head was full of hair!

However, i managed to only post this up today because the photos probably got delayed amidst the joy and busy-ness there. Ahhh...Koko Ethan must be so happy he's got a sister to play with now. Hee!

Awww...doesn't baby Hannah look so happy in this picture with her parents.. :-)

My Fav Cartoons!

Since having subscribed to Cartoon Network, my educational life has been somewhat enhanced through music and dance over the teevee. I could actually learn quite a lot of things from these so-called kiddy channels.

So far, these are my favourite cartoons, in no particular order:

1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – just love that Hotdog dance!! Yeah!
2. Little Einsteins - have learnt to journal my progress of crawling from moderato to presto! Also the “pat, pat, pat…” sounds eerily close to my bedtime ritual.
3. Shaun the Sheep – this is simply hilarious!
4. WordWorld – Story can be quite tiring but they do have some song and dance every now and then.
5. Dibo the Gift Dragon – very catchy theme song and credit song!
6. My Friends Tigger and Pooh – teaches me to think, think think!
7. Pocoyo – narrator can be quite annoying but the orchestra is quite funny!
8. Bunnytown – really love the singings and dancings! Bunnies are cute too!

Lively Legs

One of the key features of my feeding times has to be my two lively legs. People may think that feeding from the bottle is just so simple, but o how wrong they are. Feeding from the bottle is more than art.

It requires more than just the tongue doing all the sucking work. You surely didn’t expect the other parts of my body to be sleeping during feeding times right? This is especially true for my legs which will just not stop kicking and wriggling throughout the entire feeding round.

It may pose as a challenge to the feeder, but I just can’t help it. The lively legs comes with the package. Hee!

Smile of the Day!

Rubber Duckies

This is a blog about these yellow rubber duckies that supposedly keeps me company during my bath times. They comprise of one mother duck and three other smaller ones which can fit snugly behind the mother duck.

All the ducks sure look cute as they can float in my tub and make squeaky sounds when pressed. However, personally, I don’t really like them cos they are taking up my precious bath space! Hmmmph…

I think I shall grow up liking to eat ducks….mmmmmmm.:-p

Affinity to Doggies

As a baby, I may be timid and scared of quite a number of things, but one thing I have not much fear about is doggies! While many other babies may have the noticeable fear when a doggie comes near or barks, I seem to enjoy going close to these doggies!

There’s just something about them that makes me want to go near to them. And I think it also helps that I have two of them in my house. I think it’s just in my blood that I just love doggies.

Can’t wait to have one of my own when I grow up too. J

O How the Teeth Grindeth….

Armed with 7-8 teeth, I discovered that it is not that difficult to make grinding sounds if I regularly brush the upper teeth and the lower teeth together.

Now if only someone could teaching me on music already so that I can start to make some music with my teeth!! Sigh…

Bathtub Holder

With my ever increasing strength of gripping stuff, my bath times have become more pleasureable. As I sit comfortably inside the tub, both my hands will grip tightly to the sides of the tub that will allow Mama to bathe me and shower me with enjoyable and fun water more easily.

I’m telling you, I am ready! I am ready for my very own Jacuzzi!! :-D
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