The Babysitteh Cometh

My daily adventures with my daytime babysitter has started since the beginning of this month. So far so good. Mrs. D also takes care two other girls who are much much older than me. On my second day there when Papa brought me over in the morning at about the same time the other mother brought her daughter Angie, Papa found out that the mother was a university friend! What a small world. ;-D

Anyway, I have been behaving in my bestest self when I’m over in Mrs D’s house. But I do look forward to the evenings when Papa or Mama comes to pick me home. Maybe that’s what working life will be like – going to a strange unfamiliar place in the morning and put on a good behaviour mode, whilst counting the hours to evening to go home…hee hee..

Colour Me Bad!

When I was born, I was told I looked pretty pale. Probably due to me following Papa’s fair complexion. Within a few hours, I was a healthy red, which is the colour most baby will have.

Within the next few days, I had turned yellow, obviously due to jaundice. And as most of you who have been reading my blogs, I have also been known to turn blue and black somewhere in between. I am actually quite dark now, and sometimes fair too. *confused*

Hmmm…am I turning into a walking rainbow or what? ;-D

Weight Deceiver

Like all good babies, I went for my regular monthly checkup with my doc over last weekend. The usual measurements were taken, and for those who are keeping track or have some fascination with numbers, here are my third moon growth updates:

Length: 61cm
Weight: 5.71kg
Head: 39cm

I was glad the doc said both my length and weight is normal and average. However, the size of me head seems to be averagely smaller relative to my growth in length and weight. Doc also added nothing to be worried about as it is still in normal range so no need for me to quickly immerse myself in Discovery Channels or apply for a library card in order to increase my brain size. :-p

Doc did give me some many-in-one vaccination jab (sigh…hello needles again) though…as well as some sweet-tasting vaccination liquid which was stuffed into my mouth. Gosh, is the world so full of baby viruses?!!

Whilst waiting for the bill, I decided to poop. Yup, another explosion alright. :-P Good thing they have a changing area in the clinic. After Mama cleaned me up, she decided to do a simple experiment by putting me on the weighing scale again. The reading: 5.56kg
That’s about 15g of marginal poop error. Hee!

Tip of the day, especially to all weight watchers: Go poop before weighing yourself – it does wonders! :-D

Quitting on One

After my third moon, Papa and Mama decided that they will start to feed me using the bottle teats with two holes. Yup, I guess it was finally time for me to quit using the teat with one hole. Hey, I’m a growing baby who needs to drink more and at a faster rate too. Besides, it seems to be the in-thing to do these days anyway...:-P

And I don’t think I will ever switch back to the one-hole teat, unless of course the hole is changed to a slit or a bigger hole. Hmm…or they call that a cup? And why doesn’t cups come with two holes then? Sigh…adults are such strange creatures ….

Cameo in SSS

Papa took me to my church’s Senior Sunday School last Sunday. What a rowdy bunch these teenagers are. Dunno if I will also turn out that way or not. Gasp!

Anyhoo, here’s me in my army garb posing with some of the teachers. :-D

Third Moon For Me…

...and Third Cup for Papa’s Man United! Picked up my third moon over last weekend but I think Papa would say that the real celebrations only started yesterday. Hee!

I had the privilege to sit through about half and hour of the first half of the Champions League football soccer final thingy between Papa’s Man United (the red team) and Chelsea (the blue team). I’m proud of my Papa that despite having “the most important match of the year” (quoted from Papa verbatim) in front of him, Papa still didn’t neglect his fatherly duties to feed me! Hee!
At the end of the first half, Papa brought me upstairs to sleep so I didn’t keep him company for the rest of the match. Papa sure didn’t look happy at the end of the first half. Anyhow, I was glad that I had my first taste of this strange sport played at a time when all is asleep. When Papa brought me down to feed again, Man United had already beaten Chelsea and won the Cup (gasp! These teams battle like madmen through sleeping hours only to win one CUP?!! Makes me wonder what sport adults play to win plates or tables!)

Papa has also written a full report in his website to capture the moment of this historic night. You may read it here.

Besides being overjoyed with the result, I think Papa will really be pleased that I came into his life during a super season for his Man United team that has won the League and now this Cup. I can foresee the future will see Papa proudly telling people which year I was born. Hee!

My First Shopping Day!!

Last Saturday, I had my first taste of this strange sport or sorts called “shopping”. Papa and Mama decided to get some groceries that evening and thought I was finally old enough to follow.

Papa was excited that he was finally going to be able to use the stroller which he bought months before I was born! So, he quickly brought it down and eagerly practiced opening and closing it. Believe me, it was a pretty scary sight.

Anyway, my traveling bag was quickly packed (Hmmm..Papa and Mama seems to be getting better at this packing thing) and before I knew it, we were off to Alamanda for my first ever shopping experience!

Before that evening, I never knew this shopping sport had such a fanatical following! There were people everywhere! Everywhere, I tell you! Didn’t feel quite comfortable at all that evening. At least I now know shopping and peace don’t go together.

And it was also really weird when I saw most shoppers pushing around those big steel strollers. I wouldn’t want to be strolling around and shopping in a cage!! Yup, I think I still prefer Papa’s stroller…the extra stroller padding sure makes it more comfy.

Sure felt like a rookie that day. L Hmmm…probably need some more time before I really get the hang of this sport.

Caving Explorations

Now with my mittens off, I am starting to explore some of the features on myself. I already know that my mouth does indeed feel like a cave!

Lately, I have discovered my two ears, although I still cannot see them. Rather soft and it feels like a cave in both of them.

I have also felt my nose. Hmm…seems wet most of the time. And it also has two caves!!

Sure hope I don’t grow up looking like some caving structure or tourist attraction!

One Water Bed, Please!

Bath time is still one of my favourite sessions of my life so far. And I think the adults are beginning to use it on me as a weapon too. You see, now whenever I cry and wail and nothing else seem to work to soothe me, they will deduce that my diapers need a-changing, and in the process, “ might as well give wailin’ Collin a bath too. It’s sure to stop his wailing!”

Sure enough, I will be so satisfied in the tub of water, enjoying my limited minutes of satisfaction in the warmth and comfort of the water element. If my minutes are not long enough to my mark, I will start my wailing the second I am taken out of my tub.

Hmmm. I wonder how long I have to do this stunt before they know that what I want is really my own water bed!!...(still yearning for my jacuzzi, but have since been more realistic)

Hairy Strokes

I think I’m beginning to learn why adults spend so much time on their hair – you know, those soft, silky strands of thread-like fibre on your head? It is somewhat relaxing and soothing whenever someone strokes my hair.

If not, I can always reach out for it myself and stroke and pull it myself. Really nice feeling!

Kodak Moment Friday!

Me and my favourite grandmas!

Nosey Stuffings

Have not been feeling too good for the past two days. Papa and Mama took me to see the doctor two nights ago because I started to make sounds they have not heard before. Boy, these stuffs that get stuck in my nose sure IS getting pretty nasty!

Good news is that doc says it looks quite minor and should clear up within next few days. He also gave some liquid stuff which is to be dropped into my nose whenever I feel uncomfortable ( which has proven to be an obstacle challenge for Papa and Mama so far…hee hee..) and some other liquid stuff for me to drink. Doesn’t taste as good as Mama’s goodness but it sure is pretty sweet! Hope it doesn’t raise my sugar level at my young age!

During my clinic weigh in, I clocked in at 5.46kg, about a week before I collect my third moon. I could have sworn it was 5.47kg before I sneezed. Hmmm.

If nosey stuffings is this bad, I shudder to think what turkey stuffings or Christmas stocking stuffings are like. :-D

An Evening with Por Toh

Looking back to 11 May 2008 because it was truly a memorable day for me. Not only was it my first Mama’s Day with my beloved Mama, I also managed to meet my Por Toh (great grandmother) from Mama’s side of the family tree, who made a trip up to KL from Batu Pahat.

Oh boy, it must have been a great moment for her as well as she was evidently overjoyed to see me too! I certainly tried to be at my best behaviour (ahem!) and I think she bought it…hee! Shhhhhhhh….

Here’s me as the center of attraction. Hee!

Psssst…papa says it was a memorable day for him too. ;-D

Eff Elle You?

Hmmm….didn’t feel too good since Tuesday. Nose seems all stuffy and blocked sure makes my breathing quite difficult. Even drinking mama’s goodness was a challenge.

So Mama put me in my long sleeved outfit for the night. Papa even took out a scary looking nose-sucker thingy. Yelps! Better get well before Papa decides to use that menacing piece of equipment on me.

Dunno what’s wrong with me health. Hope it is not the FLU…

Happy Mama Day! (11 May 08)


You have been with me since the very beginning
And even through all my crying and wailing
And enduring my naughtiness night and day
I am still your precious little baby

Your internal and external goodness I always treasure
Caring for my well being is like your second nature
I can never get enough of you when I’m by your side
Because you can easily soothe me when I have cried

Your countless sacrifices I can never measure
Nor your energy and time for that matter
I am so eternally thankful to have a Mama like you
So please hear my heart saying “I love you too!”

Happy Mama Day #1!!

Prayer for the Weekend

"Lord, help me use my poopinating talents for good and not for evil..."
Psssst...I know Papa has a different prayer for this weekend though...hee!

My Own Crib!

Ahhh….always feels like home in your own crib, right? This is me in my crib in KL. Hmmm…it does look like a prison from the side doesn’t it?

Sigh. Another sign that my parents find me naughty…:-p

Butt Patter

I have noticed adults have a strange way of making people go to sleep. Since I prefer my turtleback sleeping posture, there will always be some hand patting my backside so that I doze off faster. Strange but it sure works. Must be another one of those adult things that should remain unexplained.

I mean, what if one day I should decide to sleep on my back facing upwards. Who’s gonna pat my backside then? Would I need to bounce on my backside to sleep? Oh, the stress of thinking of it!

Better go rest my overworked brain now…and get some extra pats on the butt too. Always a good feeling. :-D

Wait a minute, don’t naughty boys also get smacked on the backside? I wonder…

Saying Goodbye to Two Good Friends

Yes, even for babies, saying goodbye to friends is never easy. For me, I don’t really know if I should classify them as old, since I only knew them for less than 2 months, but during our period of acquaintance, they have been most useful and helpful, giving me comfort, support, security and warmth.

Yet, through it all, sometimes I do wonder, do I really need them in the first place. Maybe that’s how we sometimes treat our friends. For granted. For only the time when they were needed.

Anyway, enough of my baby musings already. Here’s to the good times we had when we were together and I’m truly, truly sorry that we are not a perfect fit as we once were anymore.

Good bye, my mittens and booties.

A Celebration in Church

Yesterday would be another historic marker in my life. It was my first time I set foot in Papa and Mama’s church in KL. Most likely it’s gonna be the church I will grow up with too.

And boy did they really know how to make me feel welcome. Papa and Mama threw a lunch celebration for me and many people turned up to see me live in person. Heh heh. Made me feel like a celebrity for a while then the noise and crowd started to get to me. Crowd was a definitely a new experience for me. So Mama had to whisk me off to the nearby chapel to calm me down.
Overall, I really had a good time in my first adventure in church. With all the happy, smiley faces and good food, I think I’m a liking it here already. ;-)

So, for everyone who made to my celebration yesterday, thank you for all your presence as well as presents. To show my appreciation, here’s me with a genuine happy ‘thank-you’ smile!

Funny Face Friday!

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