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Battering Ram

I admit…it may be painful, or irritating, or even downright silly…but it is still my strange way of showing my affections! Yup, my tried and tested battering ram aka head butt is here to stay!

So, please do remember to love me back when I head butt you next, ok? Hee!

Wave Your Flag!

Don’t we all just love our Malaysian flag? I for one, simply cannot stop waving and flapping the flag at every opportunity…even months after our National day! I have even perfected calling out “Merdeka! Merdeka!”
In reality, the flag sure helps to keep all those mozzies away! Besides, it makes for a good drumstick too when I misplaced the real ones! Hee!

Band Dreams

I have not figured out what it is yet, but there is just something about the Boys Brigade band that makes me stand in awe and admiration.

Is it those cool band uniforms?
Or the fact that the are playing under the hot sun and courageously not showing it?
Or is it the way all instruments combine so well with one another?
Or that they don’t need any speaker enhancements?

Whatever it is, I certainly enjoy these moments when they play and dream about when I will be in such a band…hee!

Ski Flyer

I noticed there are a lot of rolls of wrapping paper in the house. I guess Papa and Mama must really like to wrap presents! Hmmm…that’s an exciting thought.

Anyway, I find myself seriously addicted to taking at least two of these rolls and walk around with them. Sure gives me that skiing in snow feeling.

Hope Papa and Mama are good at catching hints…

Christmas Wishes!

"Merry Christmas 2009 everyone!"
(on behalf of Papa, Mama and Caitlynn)

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! (2 Cor 9:15)

Mystery of Moving Items

Strange things have been happening around the house of late. I have heard Papa and Mama mentioning some items seem to have disappeared from where they were supposed to be…only to see them reappear elsewhere, where they should never be. Erm, geddit?
Like the TV remote found in the food cabinet.
Like books found in the laundry basket.
Like pens and clothes hangers found on beds.
Like clean diapers found in the wastepaper basket.
Hmmm. I wish I could help look for the missing items but I’m just a little toddler. How could I help. Besides, I’m always too busy moving things around the house too…
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