Funny Face Friday!

One Second…

…is all it takes for me to transform from a crying baby to a smiley, laughing one. And vice versa.

Welcome to the baby world of drama kings and queens in the making…

Bumps Ahead

If what they say about bumps and bruises being building blocks of a man’s character, I think I am getting there in warp speed! Almost every weekend is never complete without a new bump on my head. And my fair skin makes the bruises look much worse than it actually is!

Anyway, through these episodes, I am beginning to be more grateful to cold ice that provides immediate soothing and healing. Band-aids is also worth a mention here but that is definitely another story altogether….

Leaking Pipe

The phenomena of high volume of saliva that I seem to produce at will remains an X-file. The closest analogy I can think of to describe this talent of mine is that of a leaking pipe attached to some dam.

Many have commented why do most of my photos will see the bib as an added accessory? Well, those who have had the privilege of close contact with me before will understand the necessity of these bibs.

Will this leaking pipe syndrome mean I will be a chatter box in the future?
Will it mean I will drool easily at the sight of food I like?
Will it mean M&Ms will melt faster in my mouth?


Now that I am no longer being fed with Mama’s goodness, I’m starting to play more with my food!

My latest circus act involves gargling milk inside my mouth after a full feed. Throw in a sneaky smile and it’s a guarantee to drive Papa and Mama crazy. Hee!

Pose of the Day!

Slide me silly!

No question about it. My favourite playground toy is this awesome stuff they call the SLIDE! This contraption is wayyyyyyyyy taller than me. The cool thing is this slippery platform that connects it’s top part to the ground. This allows happy kids like me to slide down with joy again and again and again!

I guess Papa and Mama would be more tired, having to carry me up to the top again after each joyful slide down to earth. Hee!

Fridge of Stuff

I always enjoy stopping by our house fridge to look at the stuff that is pasted there. Haven’t really figured out how those photos and other stuff can stick on its wall but that is besides the fact.

The colours, photos (lot’s of it are mine!) and other funny stuff pasted on the fridge never fails to bring out a smile in me. Ahhh…my fridge of stuff. :-D

The Ground Where I Play

In my neighbourhood, there is a small little playground that is cramped with various huge toy-equipment thingys for kids to play with. I can run quite freely here too since the ground is padded with some rubber like material for safety.

Here are some photos of my fun times here.


ahh....big big toys!!

swinging times!

i see, i saw...

Collin’s Dictionary: Gravity

Gravity – The unknown force that pulls and attracts huge volumes of saliva excreted from the mouth all the way downwards to the ground.

Smile of the Day!

Trail of Destruction

You don’t need to be a forest ranger to be able to track my whereabouts. I have developed a habit of leaving a trail of destruction behind me wherever I go. These could be Gatorade bottles, milk cartons, toys, cloth, hankies, magazines, clothes, saliva, etc.

Hey, at least I will be easy to find if I ever get lost, ok? :-p

Pulling Prices

I have developed an uncanny evasive maneuver that has fooled many adults. Tempting them with my adorable smile, I will walk towards the intended victim with my arms wide open. However, about half a metre before both our arms meet, I will give a shriek and make an immediate U-turn and scuttle away in full speed.

Now, how would I patent this maneuver? Hmmmmm…

Marathon Man

Something that I always look forward to every evening when I get home is my marathon training sessions. You see, in Mrs D’s house, my running space is rather limited. Besides, there are two other girls here and the discipline here doesn’t quite allow me to go full thrust. :-p

Anyway, when I’m back home, I have my very own track path around the living room sofa where I’m utterly free to run myself silly round and round and round…

After my umpteenth lap, I think I could be ready for any upcoming marathons…

Evolution of Poop

Just as I am constantly growing up from a little baby to a bigger baby and eventually a little toddler and so on, I noticed almost everything else within me develops and evolves as well.

One noticeable area of this constant evolution is my poop. Sad to say, my Poopinator alter-ego may need a revision in name pretty soon.

Gone were the days where my poop made erm, grand appearances, often complemented with its ever unmistakable sound effects. The post-explosion debris of smell would be immediately picked up by any active adult nose within a 15 metre radius.

Not any more. These days, I would say my poop has matured into the silent type. It comes and goes almost in a flashlight speed, with hardly any sound of warning. Because it is now more in a solid state, the smell factor is not so easily picked up.

I’m just curious to find out what the next level of poop will be like. :-D

Pose of the Day!

Earth Hour 2009 revisited.......I was there!

Poop P(r)ose

The feed was good, my tummy’s stuffed
I let out a grin, I even laughed
It was probably a good time to sleep
And yet it felt like a crime to count sheep!

My bowels then growled and it hit me
Poop’s gonna come out so I better get ready!
I quickly rolled around to find a right position
Before things really start to get into motion!

I crouched down and lay on my desired spot
Raised my butt or something of that sort
With my head in comfort, I was now set
Before it finally comes out, you bet!

Strange Signings

Caught a glimpse of this strange sign inside the baby room of this place called the Curve. Made me wonder hard as to what kind of emergency would prompt any parent to press the button?

Does it also imply changing baby diapers is a hazard or extreme adventure that may trigger an emergency?

Adults sure make strange assumptions. Sigh…

Beary Love Affair

I have a strange affection towards soft toys, teddy bears in particular. You see, there is something about their protruding noses that just seems to scream out to me “Bite Me! Kiss Me!”

I’m quite sure this so called love affair isn’t as scandalous as things that is happening around the world today and I’m convinced it is part of my growing up phase. Honest!

Now, who wouldn’t want to kiss or bite a teddy bear today? :-P

Basket Blues

Must make a mental note. Must make a mental note.

This is a waste paper basket.
This is a waste paper basket.
This is a waste paper basket.
This is a waste paper basket.
This is a waste paper basket.
This is a waste paper basket.
This is a waste paper basket.

Must make a mental note NOT to throw anything inside. Hey, I didn’t invent it to look like any other pail or basket in the house OK?

Now that I’ve developed the habit of taking things from all over the house and transporting them into pails and baskets, Papa and Mama must have a hard time keeping up with where I keep storing my toys and other stuff. Sorry!...;-p

Pose of the Day!

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