Flushed Away

It may be because I was born in the year of the Rat in the Chinese Lunar calendar. Or it could just be that cartoons with rats are just so irresitable!

Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, etc. may be interesting but I sometimes feel their running time is too short.

One of those lengthy cartoon movies that never fails to keep me glued to the screen for long periods is Flushed Away. Although the funny accent may need some getting used to, but overall it just continues to make me sit still and laugh, frame after frame. Not an easy feat to do to an active baby like myself! To top it off, it is related to football too! Wee!

I wonder what other movie cartoons with rats that would amuse me next. Hmmm.

Mama Wean, I Lose

I knew the day had to come. I could read the hints for the past couple of weeks already.

About a month ago, or sometime after my first birthday, I noticed some of my feeds tasted sweeter and somehow didn’t even smell like Mama’s goodness. And more, I noticed some of my box toys started to have labels of formula milk for babies. Gasp!

That was when I realized Mama had already started to wean…which meant it won’t be long before I won’t be able to enjoy Mama’s goodness anymore. Sigh….

Hope these other Mama goodness wannabes will have the right formula to help me grow up big and strong. :-D


There’s this new branch of that Burger King joint that opened not too long ago in that Alamanda shopping centre Papa and Mama likes to take me over the weekends. Haven’t had the chance to review the taste of their burgers yet, but what I like about this fast food outlet is they pamper their customers with paper crowns!

Boy, they sure know how to make me feel like a king! Maybe that’s why Papa and Mama says it gives me that CTO look. Not sure what that means but I hear them whisper something like Cheah Tuah Ong…hmmmmmm

Gratefully Bibbed

The way I use bibs, I think the bib industry owes me a medal.

There is something quite explainable about the generous amounts of saliva that still keeps pouring out from my mouth these days. Not sure if it is caused by teething times, or I’m just full of saliva (hmmm…that sure didn’t sounds right..) but the fact remains that I have been described colourfully as a leaking pipe; a waterfall; rain; a flowing river; etc.

Thank God for the bib industry that has constantly kept my shirt and body dry. I sure hope the bib inventor received a Nobel prize or some recognition of this great invention.

Smile of the Day!

Green green grass of home

Since I started to walk, I have been covering plenty of kilometers going round and round and round the sofa, to and fro the kitchen, and almost everywhere else that my feet can step on.

Until I discovered grass. You know, those big spaces of green-coloured leaves that sprouts out from the ground outside my house. When Mama introduced me to this grass by letting me stand on it, I was visibly stunned for a few minutes. Unlike other surfaces, somehow I couldn’t bring myself to walk freely on this grass.

Sigh….must muster more courage to overcome this fear. If not, how will I grow up to be a professional football player like Papa always wanted? :-p

Hair or Head?

A puzzler that has been bugging me for some time now.

“Which grows faster – my hair or my head?”

If my head grows faster, will it me make look like like I’m balding or losing hair? Or if my hair grows faster, shouldn’t I be due for a haircut soon? And if both my hair and head grow at the same speed, will that mean I will not need any haircut for the rest of my life?!!

Or am I wasting too much time thinking of these hairy things? Hmmmm….

My Messi Shoes

I can’t believe how fast Papa and Mama keep changing my shoes! Seems like I can’t seem to get acquainted with any one pair!

Anyway, while they still fit, this is one of my favourites – a cute Messi-looking like face on the front. Ain’t it adorable? Oh, Messi is one of my house dogs, by the way.

Piano Man

It’s a wonder how these tiny keys of black and white in colour can make such annoying noises as well as beautiful music when banged upon. And it’s another mystery why they built it so wide! I can’t even reach one end of the piano to the other end! Sigh.

Anyway, I sure had fun giving my fingers some banging exercises at this piano in Ah Por and Ah Kung’s house. Am looking forward to explore other features of this piano next time….like maybe how it tastes, or can it withstand my weight…

Pose of the Day!

Agitatedly Gated

My days of clambering staircases and extreme stair sports are definitely numbered. I awoke one day and saw this at the top of the staircase in my house. Hmmm…looks like I shall have to revert to more traditional ways of exercising then.

On the other hand, I’m quite glad Papa and Mama are really serious about house safety. :-D

Hamper Scamper

Methinks hampers would easily fall under the ‘Strange’ or ‘Weird’ categories of adult inventions. Imagine packing so much stuff on such a tiny basket platform, and funniest of all – wrap it all up in transparent paper! I guess hampers are definitely not meant to project the element of surprise.

Nevertheless, one thing I like about hampers though – they are really FUN to tear apart! Wee!

Scootering Around!

Have you seen or heard? I have got wheels in the house! Not even Papa has wheels in the house! No kidding, check out the set of hot rods I got to help me get around the house!

Just when I started to think walking was fun….bah! :-P

(S)Car(e) Wash

Had a fright of my life the other day when Papa strapped me into the front seat and drove me out to a car wash centre that was unique in the sense that it was virtually half manual, with adults soaping and wiping the car, and this would be followed by a machine wash which would spray water and scrub everything else

For those of you who have not gone through the machine cycle, it is one scary ride! Imagine foam splashing on every side of the windows and cars, rotating brushes scrubbing every inch of the car, going through a dark, confined space with nowhere else to go…it was quite traumatic for me.

Think I need to grow more courage before I agree to let Papa take me through this ‘joy’ ride again.

Family Foto Friday!

The Reader

I think I have been watching too much teevee. Maybe that’s why Papa and Mama have sometimes brought me some books to read to me. Of course there are times that the book is just given to me to play, flip and bite like my other toys.

But I’m really thankful that Papa and Mama are trying to inculcate the reading habt in me from young. I’m quite sure many from today’s generation know how a good book tastes like anymore. At least I’ve had first hand (and taste) experience. Literally.

Balloony Day

Had my first close-up contact with balloons the day Auntie Phan showed off her hidden talents in twisting and folding sausage like balloons into a dog!! None of the balloons burst as feared by everyone in the room.

So hopefully, this episode shall have made me fearless of balloons forever! Hee hee!

Water Catcher

In my early days of exploring the many uses of my gangster grip, I would curiously touch, feel and grab anything that is within my range.

However, somehow there was this one thing that has always eluded me. During my favourite bath times, especially shower baths, I would observe streams of water jetting out at great speeds from the shower nozzle. Ah…try as hard as I may, I would never be able to catch these continuous movement of water. Sigh.

Ah well, at least I still enjoy a happy splashy time during baths!

Tad Mon Ami

One of my favourite toys as I was growing up in my first year was this little green frog called Tad that could sing about numbers and colours. There are also various buttons on Tad that I could press and different music and sounds would come out. On top of that, Tad can also spew out the same songs about numbers and colours in French!

But of course, all of that doesn’t beat the best feature of all – Tad does taste good too…And that is what I call a wonderful friend!

Smile of the Day!

Cot Licker

I have to admit it. Wood really does taste good! And with my height now just nicely positioning my mouth to my cot, I get the pleasure of licking my cot with glee! Hee!

Hmmm…I wonder if adults enjoy the same sensation when licking stamps…:-)

Going Bananas!

I have bittersweet (literally) memories of this yellow-coloured fruit. I vaguely remember about a month or so back when Papa and Mama introduced this fruit to me. It was delightfully sweet and definitely oh so much better than my perilous porridge. My smiley reactions only prompted more and more finger-fuls of banana.

No more than an hour later, I had a bad case of vomiting it all out. Sigh. I guess this could be another fine example of every rose having thorns…

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