A Bigger Tummy

I can’t help but noticing Mama’s tummy is getting bigger and bigger everyday. I guess it is another visible reminder to me that my new baby sister (oops…Papa and Mama should have known I couldn’t keep the gender a secret for long…) will be coming out soon. The thought of it does scare me sometimes.

Will I be a good big brother?

Will I be able to take care of my baby sister?

Will we be able to share toys lovingly?

Will we be racing around the sofa together?

Will she eat faster than me?

How can I climb up Mama when the tummy is gone?...


Sometimes I wonder why do we only use our two feet to stand or walk? What criteria did they have that gave them such a responsibility? Is it because their foundation is flatter compared to the other parts of our body? Do they have a bigger, firmer surface? Sometimes, these things just boggles my little mind.

Anyway, I thought of experimenting other ways of late. One of which is using my very own head. Bending over and using my hands to support, I will attempt to lift up my legs and perform this so called ‘headstand’. I’ve been trying to perfect it on the mattress, sofa and just about everywhere I go, but I have to admit it’s rather difficult. And everytime I attempt it, my parents or anyone nearby would yelp in horror.

Hmmm, maybe I just have to accept the fact that God made our feet for standing. :-D

Raya Getaway

Had a great Raya holiday getaway with Papa and Mama two weekends back. It was a long break so we took the chance to bring back lots of little sister (to be)'s cargo back to Sitiawan. I wonder if this was a similar exercise before I came out last time. Hmmm.

Anyway, these are some pics of my Raya getaway!
My swining throne in Sitiawan

Kite flying with Papa! Wee!

Reconnected with the blacks and the whites!

Slippering around...hehe

Kudeh spoils me by letting me play his computer! Hee!

Introduction to C&C...

Day trip to Ipoh to meet up with Ah Ma and Ah Kong

More fellowship with Kudeh!

Family Foto Friday!

Papa and me....synchronised dreaming...

F1 familiarities

I still have not been able to figure out what it is about F1 sports that fascinates me so much. Papa has been trying very hard to get me to sit through football matches with him but I seem to light up significantly everytime I see an F1 car speed around on the teevee.

People say we sometimes grow fond of something if we feel a certain feeling of familiarity towards it. Thinking along these lines, perhaps there exists some striking similarities between F1 and who I am today.

1. Just like those F1 motor cars, I also enjoy running at top speeds around and round and round the house sofa.

2. I would liken my diaper changing activities to that of the F1 races whenever the cars make a pit stop to change tyres.

3. Those podiums that the winners stand up to at the end of each race sure reminds me of the stairs I simply love to climb every day!

4. Just like in F1, accidents are bound to happen too like incidences where I could not brake in time and just bumped into tables, chairs, people, etc.

5. Very much like all those F1 drivers, I strangely find myself frequently surrounded by beautiful ladies too. My electrifying eye technique must be working. J

Rolling, rolling, rolling…

I am beginning to believe that I was born to roll! Well, maybe I didn’t roll out from Mama’s tummy during my birth but I just can’t seem to get enough of this awesome action.

When I wake up from my slumber or get ready for bed, I always seem to have this tendency to roll around on Papa and Mama’s bed. More like lazing around in poetic motion, I call it..

Besides that, Ah Ma has also trained me well in rolling my tongue in various positions. No kidding.. So now I look forward to show it off to Ah Ma and also give her a progress report whenever we meet up. :-P

Gangster Grip 2

This is more like an evolution of my initial gangster grip (GG1) where I would grip my victims shirt by the neck collar. You see, I realized that I actually have TWO hands and I only need one of them to perform GG1. This would mean my other hand would be free to erm, grip other things! Wee!

Unknowingly, I would tend to hold objects with my hands positioned over my shoulder. So whenver, I have a long object in hand, like a spoon, chopstick, pen, drumstick, etc. it will look as if I am in a combat-ready position to bash up people.

Ahhh…sounds violence but I still think I look cute doing it. :-D

Boys Will Be Boys

“Boys will be boys…”

That is one statement that has still dumbfounded me. I keep hearing it mentioned, especially when I’ve performed some stunt or just being my rebellious self.

But, what does it actually mean? Boys will always be boys right? We don’t grow up to be girls right? Strange quote indeed. Adults sure can be weird sometimes.

Smile of the Day!

Up…and down

I always believe that we should not only focus ahead on what we should do but also to focus higher in everything! That’s why you may sometimes catch me walking aimlessly because my eyes are not focused in front of me but above me…ahhh….not an easy art to perfect mind you, but after some minor knocks and bruises, I think I slowly getting there.

Of course, there could be other times where my eyes are not focused in front, they could be focused downwards instead. No, it is not an action to be war of where I would be stepping. Rather, I would like to call this my bull-like stance where I would pretend to charge around (also aimlessly) and gore anything in sight.

Ahh, the wonders of growing up and building character…and bruises too.

Tin Man

I think I may be slightly obsessed with drums too. Rummaging through the kitchen cabinets, sometimes I noticed myself unknowingly (honest!) picking out those cereal and milk tins, carrying them to an open space, and lining them up like a drum set. I would then search for any spoons or chopsticks that I can use to bang them with.

Who needs peace around the house anyway? :-P

Dizzy Dancer

I have discovered that body movements cannot be controlled, especially when there is cool music in the background that is accompanied with irresistible beats.

Unfortunately, I still do not have enough dance moves to catch attention yet. Think I get more giggles and laughs whenever I dance. Hmmmmph. Anyway, among my favourite dance moves (there are not many anyway) include:

1. Stomp the Yard! – Legs spread, with a little sway from left to right, in a stomping manner.

2. Spin City! – Turn round and round till I lose coordination and balance. Wonder if drunks feel this way. Hmmmm.

3. Clapper – NO dance wouold be complete without the clapping hand portion. :-D

4. Flying Bird – Flapping of both arms in an action like I was trying to fly

5. Finger Snap – work in progress. Got my finger actions right already but just can’t seem to produce the snapping sounds yet. Sigh!

Saliva Bomber

When Papa carries me in a flying position, sometimes I like to imagine myself as a bomber plane. As I enjoy myself in flying mode, my bombing mode also takes over without my control.

Before I know it, my flight path would be littered with saliva… hee!

Pose of the Day!

CAP-tured on camera!

Resurfacing Relics

I am beginning to suspect there could be some kind of conspiracy theory right here in my own house! You see, I’ve noticed some of the toys I’ve been playing with would mysteriously disappear after a few weeks.

And in similar mysterious fashion, these toys would later resurface a few weeks or months later…much to my delight actually, I may add..hehe. But I think all my toys actually have a mind of their own. They would conveniently disappear for some unknown mission and later return to keep me company again.

Hmmmm…hope this mystery gets answered when I get older. :-D


Sometimes there are things that don’t seem to make much sense. Like the title of today’s blog. No matter how long we stare at it or try to analyse, nothing seems to click.

Sometimes there are things only come along once a lifetime that if you missed it, you would have missed it already.

Sometimes when we need to look at things differently, the answer immediately jumps at you.

Like when I point at the washing machine…

Like when I start pulling up my diapers…

Like when I spit out food…

Like today’s unique date…


What Grade the Rice?

Already past the 10kg in the weight category for some time now, I am constantly compared to being as heavy as a sack of rice.

This got me thinking…if I was a sack of rice, what kind of grade or type would I be? Logically, I think I would be the following:

- 95% beras hancur: being the violent me, I think I would be almost a total destroyer.
- Tempatan: locally born and bred
- Wangi: I sure smell good after my bath. Hee!

Rodeo Rider

I don’t know where or how I have developed my love for horse riding, but I just can’t stop myself looking for things or people to ride on like a horse!

Sofa cushions, pillows, bolsters, beds, tummies, legs, thighs, etc. are some of my favourite horses.

Now, who or what will be my next ride? Yee ha!

18.5 Moon Checkpoint

Went to see my doc last weekend to get another jab for another strange virus I cannot even pronounce. Anyway, I think I heard it was some sort of a booster jab. Doc was really pro in this as he played some jingle as he was preparing the needle. As I was getting distractedly engrossed with the music, the needle went in and out just as the music stopped and I didn't even feel a thing. Now if only those mozzies can learn a thing or two here. Hmmmph.

Also took the opportunity to check on my progress and here it is:

Height: 84 cm (chart shows I'm above average here. All those jumping exercises seem to work!)
Weight: 11kg (chart shows slightly below average. Should pick up once I get my hands on steak!)
Head: 46cm (need to continue to read to build those brain muscles! Hee!)

I've also discovered a weighing scale at home so I should be able to chart my progress on a more regular basis now. ;-)

Smile of the Day!

Geleng Gelang

One of my favourite hand gestures in the twisting motion of both my wrists. Adults seem to connect it with the expression of “Finished!” or “No more!”

Me? Need to explore more about it first before knowing the right time to use it. Can you tell me?

Marche Madness

Last weekend, Papa and Mama made an appointment to meet up with Kor-kor Joyce, whose family made a trip down to KL. I was pretty excited, not only getting the chance to meet up with my cousins Ethan and Hannah again, but because the venue chosen was Marche at the Curve.

Almost a year ago, Papa and Mama also brought me to this place during this fasting month where they have this special Ramadhan buffet. I only remember Papa and Mama stuffing themselves with loads of glorious food and I only got to take a photo with a cow statue in front.

Anyways, I knew things would be different now. Armed with the knowledge that the dinner would start at 6.00pm, we arrived earlier to do some shopping, and then made our way toMarche by 5.40pm. Surprisingly, we were the first to queue up at their front door and I think I got a nice big red balloon for our efforts. ;-D The crowd started to build behind us moments later and it wasn’t long before the train-like line reached around 30.

It was a real mad rush when we were let in. I now understand what the many cow statues signify… Papa mentioned that it would be good for us to eat earlier to avoid the jam when the people who were fasting would eat later. I also found the children’s playroom where they had two slides. Really had fun there. If the adults enjoyed their buffet eating, this sure was the children’s buffet as I had endless rounds of climbing up the steps and sliding now. So did Ethan Koko!

Overall, I had a great evening catching up with cousins Ethan and Hannah. As usual, I didn’t get to enjoy the food like Papa and Mama did, but from their expressions, I think it was really good. I only had the chance to try their mushroom soup, broccoli soup, yoghurt and ice-cream.

I’m beginning to wonder if this visit to Marche is going to become something like an annual affair? If it is, I certainly can’t wait till I’m old enough to sink my teeth into some grill!

Being Happy and Knowing It!

This is a customized version of the popular sing-along song that I would ‘sing’ along with Ah Ma:

Ah Ma: When you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands
Ah Ma: When you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands
Ah Ma: When you’re happy and you know it, then you really ought to show it, when you’re happy and you know it clap your hands

Above repeated but actions replaced…
Ah Ma: ….touch your head!

Ah Ma: …pull your ear!

Ah Ma: …stamp your feet!

Ah Ma: …roll your tongue!

Ah Ma: …do all five!
Me: :-p
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