Collin's Dictionary: Phototherapy

“Phototherapy” – A unique form of medical treatment where the infected adult is prescribed prolonged permission and access to snap excessive photos of babies. Higher intensity is usually required whenever a newborn baby arrives.

Papa’s phototherapy treatment had already begun when I first opened my eyes into the world about 22 moons ago. I still remember him snapping and flashing away at my every pose, yawn, smile, breath… yup, it’s almost like having a blinking flashlight permanently docked on your eyes!

And with the recent birth of my baby sister Caitlynn, I noticed Papa’s camera required re-charging on a more frequent basis. Definitely an increase in his phototherapy treatment levels!

Anyway, Papa tells me he likes to keep the camera handy and ready to use at anytime because we never know when the next outrageous pose of cuteness will appear. He also shared with me how he wishes the next technology breakthrough would be “camera eyes” that would allow photos to be taken as and when our eyes see them!

Ahhh…perhaps that’s why natural photos always look much better compared to conventional studio shots. I’d cringe everytime I see Animal Planet-obsessed parents forcing animal costumes into their babies for such shots. And the amount of artificial spotlight lighting flooded on the poor child…*shakes head* Don’t we get enough free radioactive exposure from TV at home already?! Sigh.

So I was quite excited when I came across this interesting website with a cute name, TwoPixels Photography, who specializes in professional phototherapy in taking portraitures of newborns, pregnant mothers, children and family. Portraiture sure is a funny word. Perhaps it is derived from the words portrait and literature, which would mean ‘images that reads itself like a story?’ Hmmm….

Anyway, after browsing through some of their work, I must say I was really impressed with their fresh ideas of capturing life in motion and imaginative baby postures. Personally, I liked their contemporary use of furniture, books, trees, people and other nearby objects to complement the baby. The end result are beautiful and simple yet amazing photos that are easy on the eyes and tugs at our heartstrings – each with a delightful story to tell! Ahhh...I guess that's where the word portraiture comes in...hee!

However, the best part of it all is their ridiculously affordable prices! Basically, the price for each photo session starts from RM 400, where you will receive 15 – 20 images that will be shown in your personal gallery, and also the complete gallery of about 100 shots on CD. My math may not be that good yet but I think it roughly works out to only about RM 4 per shot! The complete price list of their photo session packages can be viewed HERE.

Congrats to TwoPixels Photography who recently celebrated their 1st year anniversary on 27 Nov 2009. I was really excited that they are celebrating it by offering giveaway photo sessions to at least three bloggers to review and write about them. Coincidentally, Caitlynn was born just a day before their anniversary date so that gives me more reason to hope we can get a free phototherapy session with TwoPixels Photography through this blog review of their site! Hee!
Meanwhile, I guess we shall have to be contented and patient with Papa’s regular phototherapy treatment…Sigh.


two pixels photography said...

Congrats on the arrival of Caitlyn :). And thanks for participating

Hui-Wearn said...

all the best to you!

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